What is SPLA?

Microsoft SPLA


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    What is the difference between SPLA and other Microsoft Volume Licensing programs?


    Microsoft Volume Licensing programs offer several licensing options for customers to acquire Microsoft software licenses for internal use. Hosting providers who want to offer software services to their customers and who will include software licenses as part of their service offering should use SPLA. Microsoft SPLA is the only Microsoft Volume Licensing program that allows Microsoft products to be used for commercial hosting.


    Are there any prerequisites for SPLA?


    To be eligible for Services Provider License Agreement, you should be enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Network.


    How does pricing work for SPLA?


    Prices for Services Provider License Agreement are monthly reoccurring costs. Microsoft can only increase license prices once a year in January, or at any time to offset exchange rate fluctuations for prices other than US dollars, but can decrease pricing at any time.


    Are there any upfront fees required to sign SPLA?


    No, there are no upfront program fees associated with signing Services Provider License Agreement SPLA. However, under the current version of SPLA, after 6 months there is a minimum of $100 usage per month to remain in the program.


Is your organization providing or planning to provide software as a service? HP SLMS is a dedicated MS SPLA reseller with a team of highly specialized and motivated individuals. We can help you understand the various licensing programs available to service providers. We take the guessing game out of licensing and free up your time so you can focus on what’s important….growing your business.

Software Licensing in the Cloud - Microsoft SPLA

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    Experience and expertise

    • HP SLMS has been an authorized MS SPLA reseller since 2003
    • HP SLMS is a one-stop shop for all the software you require for your hosting environment: Microsoft, VMware, Citrix…
    • HP SLMS’s dedicated hosting team helps you get the most from your SPLA



    • HP SLMS provides direct access to local language Customer Care desks via freephone and email
    • HP SLMS’s Service Review Team offers licensing reviews tailored to your own environment, with a focus on cost savings and business growth
    • HP SLMS’s online ordering system makes reporting easier. Check out our reporting guide



    • Monthly service provider-specific newsletters update you on any changes
    • Reporting reminders assist you to stay on schedule and compliant
    • Regular webcasts inform you about licensing and products


    Global capabilities

    • An in-country sales agent will manage your account
    • Operational excellence enables multi-currency billing
    • As a cross-regional SPLA reseller, HP SLMS has access to the best value price lists

Need help tracking your SPLA usage?

HP SLMS is an authorized reseller of activAeon, a unique licensing reporting solution that gives our service providers an efficient cost effective alternative to manually gathering data, interpreting complex licensing rules and satisfying contractual reporting deadlines.

Contact our team to learn more.

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