Harness the power of Big Data

Understand the Big Data opportunity

Understand the Big Data opportunity.
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Today, information is at the core of the changing enterprise. The dramatic increase in volume, velocity, variety, and vulnerability of information is transforming the core of businesses and governments. As a result, a new definition of ROI — Return on Information — will help organizations drive a better return from all their information assets.

HP is helping some of the most information-complex companies make sense of big data with software that delivers insights 1,000 times faster — and your business is next. It’s time to build a better enterprise. Together.

Fastest time to value

HP's intelligent end-to-end approach delivers innovation, simplicity and superior Return on Information, so you can leverage and monetize 100% of relevant information based on its value, regardless of its format: structured, unstructured or semi-structured.

Purpose-built for Big Data

Only HP has the broad portfolio of benchmark-performance technologies to meet your specific workloads, data volumes and variety. HP's Big Data solutions deliver superior technology, economics and experience.

Solution experience

Expertise to align the solution to business goals. You can start your Big Data journey at any point, validate your investments and proceed via any delivery model. We have the services experience and expertise to deliver via cloud or on-premises. Your agenda is our agenda.

What's new

Enhancements to the HP Vertica Analytics Platform

Announcing Version 7 that simplifies exploration and analysis of emerging data types, improves Hadoop integration, and enhances security.

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Put it all together with HP Enterprise Software

Big Data and analytics software and solutions from HP, ArcSight, Vertica, and Autonomy bring meaning, extended value and security to your data.

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With HP Vertica, our large team of business managers now have faster, easier access to more information. That knowledge is invaluable in an aggressively competitive market like ours.”

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With an intelligent end-to-end approach, we provide solutions that deliver the right information to the right person at the right time to drive real time actionable decisions.

  • Information Infrastructure: HP builds data centers that are designed for the future — now! Adopt infrastructure that can capture, store, replicate and scale information at speeds you require.
  • Information Management: With an intelligent information ecosystem you can manage, secure, govern, and leverage information seamlessly and simply across your organization.
  • Information Insight: Drive intelligent business decisions faster. Search, analyze, understand, and act on 100% of relevant information to gain insight that provides lasting value.
  • Information Services: Start your big data journey at any point. Calculate your Return on Information any time along the way to determine where and when to invest.

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HP offers a broad and flexible portfolio based on open source standards and leveraging a comprehensive partner ecosystem. Choose the model that best fits your needs— end to end.

Infrastructure: Start with infrastructure that can capture, store, replicate, and scale information at the speed you need. Innovative technologies such as HP StoreAll and HP BladeSystem provide true competitive advantage.

Management: Manage, secure, govern, and leverage information seamlessly and simply across your organization. Innovation such as HP Converged AppSystem for Hadoop provide an integrated, single-solution model for reliable and cost-effective deployments.

Insight: Be reactive faster, and pro-active sooner with insights provided by techonologies that include HP Autonomy, HP Vertica, and HP AppSystem for SAP HANA. Make 100% of your information work.

Services: Start anywhere, whether with massively scalable structured analytics or efficient insight into unstructured or semi-structured data. Take advantage of HP’s comprehensive services offerings at any stage.

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