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Up to 6,000 tweets a minute, 565,000 posts per day and one million posts per event. Social media flat-out hits the fast groove on race day. And NASCAR doesn't miss a beat.

Get in and drive.

NASCAR partnered with HP to help them build the tools and the platform to capture, analyze, and track race-day excitement. Why? Because NASCAR cares about its fan base—what they're thinking, what they need, and what they want. Whatever they tweet, blog, link, text, or broadcast throughout the race is valuable, but it's just a blur of high-octane zeal unless someone can spot the gems of data and flag'em down.

HP and NASCAR Engagement Center


See how NASCAR and HP teamed up to create the Fan & Media Engagement Center – quickly turning chatter into conversations.


Get in and drive.


Enter HP Enterprise Services. HP and NASCAR teamed up to design and build the Fan and Media Engagement Center (FMEC) to help NASCAR track realtime media. The FMEC is a one-of-a-kind, customized solution for NASCAR and its 75 million fans. It's the nerve center for a deluge of information streaming in at full throttle. It's a real-world application of the HP New Style of IT that converts many bits of disparate data into relevant, profitable Big Data—quickly, nimbly—and from start to finish. It's the reliability and power of HP hardware, driven by HP software intelligence, delivering speed, agility, and cost-efficient data for NASCAR business, its industry, and fans.

HP’s technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts, and stories into real-time business insights that help NASCAR win with our fans.”

Steve Phelps, Chief Marketing Officer, NASCAR

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NASCAR knows what fans are thinking…right now

Steve Phelps

Take the lead.

With every lap of the race, NASCAR fans flood the Ether with commentary, generating thousands of digital conversations rich with insights and opportunity. With the FMEC, NASCAR can now capture and analyze that information in real time, package it up, and give it to the driver, the PR rep, the team, and their sponsor. HP helps NASCAR glean the valuable insights from the mass of social commentary. And no one else can do this. This is NASCAR taking the lead and fueling its fan base.

Go the distance.

While the road may seem long, don’t let up. Taking data across various channels, media, and languages—and then organizing it all by relevant concepts, patterns, and sentiment—isn't easy. Yet with HP Enterprise Services and HP Autonomy Business Discovery, there can be joy in this ride. Not convinced? Read this whitepaper and learn how you, too, can gain business-critical insights and accelerate your business.

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HP Understanding the voice of the customer whitepaper

Take the flag.

Racing Checkered Flag

While NASCAR and its fans surely benefit from the HP partnership, you are the real winner when you turn your business and information needs over to HP. From hardware, to software, to services, HP can craft a set of solutions specifically for your company, and you benefit from years of experience and innovation with organizations a lot like yours. You also join one of the largest and most active IT communities in the world.

Are you even in the race? Not sure which HP Solution is best for your business? No worries. We’re all ears. Talk to us. Let us help you.

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