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The burden of proof and the cost of failure: Looking at issues with breach.


The burden of proof and the cost of failure:
Looking at issues with breach.

What if you could approach security with the same agility you apply to business?

Today's security threats are more sophisticated than ever. Building walls and reacting to intrusions is no longer enough to keep your critical data secure.

The world relies on HP for a smarter approach to enterprise security:

  • #1 in identifying security vulnerabilities and threats*
  • Over 10,000 customers worldwide including 9 out of 10 of the largest banks with over $9 trillion in transactions every day.
  • 8 security operations centers with over 5000 credentialed security professionals worldwide

HP Security focuses on three critical tasks:

Disrupt adversaries

HP Security solutions detect and avert intrusions sooner, minimizing your exposure as a result of a breach.

Disrupting the adversary marketplace ultimately reduces exposure time and increases your effectiveness in protecting data from external and internal theft.

For more information on HP Security Research including Zero Day Initiative, DVI Labs, and Threat Central.

Manage risk & compliance

HP Security helps you implement a strategy to mitigate risk and avoid costly penalties for non-compliance. HP can detect intrusions within 12 minutes of arrival and resolve 92% of major incidents within 2 hours of identification. And we provide tools, teams, and processes to comply with PCI, SOX, HIPAA, and EU Data.

Extend your team

We know how hard it is to find and retain skilled security professionals. HP can extend your capabilities and complement existing resources. When problems do arise, we provide incident response services, with forensics, litigation, and data recovery capabilities.

What's new

Security Risk Report

HP Security solutions help you disrupt the adversary, advocating an approach that disrupts the entire lifecycle of an attack. HP Security solutions provide real-time threat disruption with crowd sourced intelligence. To see more about HP's new Enterprise security products at

HP Security services are designed to help our clients manage their risk and extend their security capabilities to better protect the enterprise. More information on HP Security services

The inevitable threat to your share price video



The inevitable threat to your share price


The inevitable threat to your share price

What impact would a security breach have on your brand and reputation?
Watch the video
 3:57 minutes

"Enterprises today are fighting a well-organized adversary marketplace. To succeed in thwarting them, you need a trusted partner that can provide end-to-end security. Only HP does this."

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Learn more about HP’s approach to security.

HP Enterprise Security Services can help you with your security strategy, planning, and implementation.

Explore HP security and compliance software and hardware including TippingPoint, ArcSight, and Fortify.

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* Rated the top security vulnerability research organization by Frost & Sullivan for three years in a row (2010, 2011, & 2012).

Cyber Crime

Cost of Cyber Crime Study: United States

Despite widespread awareness of the impact of cyber crime, cyber attacks continue to occur more frequently and result in serious financial consequences. The HP Ponemon 2012 Cost of Cyber Crime Study revealed that cyber attacks have more than doubled and the financial impact has increased by nearly 40 percent in a three year period. At HP, we believe a better understanding of the cost of cyber crime can assist organizations in taking proactive measures to identify, combat and mitigate the potentially devastating consequences of an attack.

The HP security portfolio: Six key areas

Security governance, risk, and compliance Protect your reputation, manage risk, and achieve regulatory compliance by replacing disparate governance functions with an integrated set of services.

Operations security: Integrate information from various security disciplines. Connect your security processes with your business processes.

Application security: Build enterprise security into your applications. Automate detection and response to vulnerabilities, and enable business agility through secure web applications.

Endpoint security: Protect all your endpoint devices and minimize risk inherent in a mobile workforce while centralizing and consolidating management tools to reduce costs.

Network security: Prevent network intrusions while making applications available. Avoid zero-day attacks and automate policy enforcement.

Data Center Security: Embed security holistically across networking, virtualization, mobility, and cloud in your data center.


Security Intelligence and Risk Management

Security Intelligence and Risk Management
Explore industry-leading security and compliance from TippingPoint, ArcSight, Fortify and more where software and hardware together enable the secure enterprise.

Enterprise Security Services

Enterprise Security Services
Let HP help you with your security strategy, planning, and implementation. Choose among managed and consulting services for risk management.

Get started today with an HP Security Workshop

HP can help you throughout the phases of security planning and implementation. Start now by contacting us to set up a custom workshop that will assess and guide your strategic plan.

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