How can you manage what you cannot measure?

An enterprise approach to energy and sustainability management helps you gain control over your use of energy, water and other resources. The HP Energy and Sustainability Management (ESM) Solutions help you create and implement an enterprise strategy that spans buildings, IT, supply chain and workforce.

As the world's population continues to grow and standards of living rise, competition for energy and other resources is increasing. This global reality is driving up prices and putting added pressures on your enterprise.

To control costs, you need to carefully manage the energy and other valuable natural resources that enable your business. From bringing employees to your office and your products to customers and making your offices and data centers operate efficiently. It's no easy task to manage resources that are largely hidden from view.

A comprehensive portfolio of services
Our services guide you through all stages of energy and sustainability management.


Discover your options and establish a baseline

HP Energy and Sustainability Discovery Workshop
A highly interactive, visually driven process that assists with brainstorming and articulating goals for making your enterprise more energy- and resource-efficient. The workshop is a quick-start education on energy and sustainability management. It includes defining what is possible and locating the real challenges to your business value. We map HP capabilities to your business strategy.

HP Energy and Sustainability Baselining Service
Understanding your organization's energy, carbon and greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory is essential to driving down the cost of energy. It's also vital for reducing carbon and GHG risk and preparing for compliance with future regulations. Our Energy and Sustainability Baselining Service follows commonly accepted accounting and reporting principles. This helps your energy and carbon data represent a true and fair account of your energy use and emissions.



Create a roadmap for short-term wins and long-term success.

HP Energy and Sustainability Roadmap Service

Our Roadmap Service provides you with practical plans that will reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions while reducing costs. These gains stem from both quick wins and longer-term, more transformational changes. The high-level strategic information developed from your HP Energy and Sustainability Discovery Workshop will be a foundation for the plans and programs that make up your roadmap.



Implement your vision. Realize gains throughout the enterprise

HP Buildings Energy Efficiency Analysis Service
This analysis incorporates EPA Energy Star standards in a comprehensive efficiency audit of your facilities mechanical systems, HVAC equipment, office space and building automation systems. We assess sizing and opportunities for more efficient solutions. We use thermo-economic analysis to find areas where replacement or upgrade demonstrates a feasible return on investment. We will make specific recommendations to reduce energy in the facility and corresponding life-cycle costs to assist in the decision-making process.

HP Buildings Water Usage Analysis Service
In this analysis we identify all sources of potable water from drinking water to irrigation water to water used in the cooling process. We help you manage the efficiency of your facilities by:

  • Calculating baseline water efficiency metrics
  • Determining water consumption patterns and associated greenhouse gas emissions
  • Identifying water-use inefficiencies
  • Providing strategies for sustainable water use and conservation

HP Critical Facility Sustainability Tradeoff Analysis Service
Our Critical Facility Tradeoff Analysis emphasizes parallel facility analyses to capture sustainability "opportunity cost" and its impact on reliability and operational sustainability. Projects are evaluated holistically rather than in isolation.

HP Critical Facilities Energy Certification Service
Our Critical Facilities Energy Certification Service audits your data center energy efficiency and gathers the data required to submit for certification under the following programs:

  • USGBC LEED Standard for Data Centers
  • US EPA Energy Start for Data Centers
  • US DOE Save Energy Now Program

HP IT Carbon Emissions Management Services
HP IT Carbon Emissions Assessment helps your company reduce IT-related greenhouse gas emissions. This service builds upon an initial measurement of greenhouse gas emissions from business-as-usual IT-related activities.



Leverage new insights and communicate results.

HP Energy and Carbon Reporting Service
The HP Energy and Carbon Reporting Service provides you with a comprehensive carbon and greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory and audit. It includes analysis of inputs and assessment of your carbon and GHG footprint. This helps you see your "score" for voluntary and required reporting of greenhouse gas emissions.

Information derived from this service can be used to drive your next steps, including internal and external reporting.

HP Resource Usage Monitoring Service
This offering is a near real-time energy and water usage monitoring service. The foundation of this service is a monitoring technology. It provides graphical visualization of facilities energy and water usage at the sub-meter level, nearly in real time.