Enabling IT to perform better

Your world is mobile, connected, interactive, immediate, and fluid. Consumers, citizens, and workers do not wait days or even minutes anymore. They want their needs met in an instant, and technology is the key to meeting these demands. To give the business the power to meet this demand, IT needs to shift spending from operations to innovation. And to help your IT organization support your complex enterprise, HP IT Performance suite enables IT to:

Build faster
Integrated continuous lifecycle management automates and optimizes planning, delivery, deployment, performance, availability and security.

Operate simply
A complete self-service environment provisions and configures IaaS from public or private clouds and your middleware and applications stack.

Store efficiently
Information lifecycle management solutions help you manage all your information, structured and unstructured.

Secure proactively
Unified security layers, integration with operations monitoring, executive views and automated response to threats combine for complete security.