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Get personal from a distance.

Business is built on relationships. And thrives on efficiency. With HP Visual Collaboration, you get both. No unnecessary travel, hotel costs or mini bar expenses. Just quality face-to-face communication without leaving the office. And whether you're five miles away or five thousand, Visual Collaboration will reduce your carbon footprint and increase efficiency. Ultimately making things better for business and the planet.

Affordable, high-quality video done simple.

HP provides everything from a desktop solution to an immersive studio, from infrastructure to concierge service, all using our online video conferencing software. With our adaptive Scalable Video Coding you get the best high-definition video. And since online video conferencing is a software-based solution, your network and infrastructure requirements are drastically reduced for a much lower total cost of ownership.

One good thing leads to something even better.

HP has applied its experience developing the award-winning Halo video conferencing solution to create a solution that requires no proprietary networks. That means you get a rich, face-to-face experience from virtually anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. And because our Visual Collaboration products are software-based, they are easily updatable as technology and needs of your workforce change. In other words, as you grow so will your communication tools.

We can meet the video collaboration requirements of your company on whatever scale you need – as the world's largest IT company with services, operations and partnerships in more than 170 countries, you can count on our long-term commitment to innovation and your success.

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Press Release: Polycom and HP Announce Broad Strategic Alliance
Polycom to Acquire HP’s Visual Collaboration Business and Become HP’s Exclusive Partner for Telepresence and Video Unified Communications Solutions. HP to combine its industry leading networking with Polycom leading UC to deliver comprehensive communication solutions to its customers.

HP Expands HP Visual Collaboration Videoconferencing to Australian Businesses
HP today announced it has selected Vantage Systems, a leading Australian communications services provider, to deliver HP Visual Collaboration videoconferencing as a managed, hosted, cloud service.

HP Expands Reach of HP Visual Collaboration Offerings in Europe
HP today announced that Videocall, a leading telepresence and video collaboration provider, has been selected as the first European service provider to offer HP Visual Collaboration videoconferencing.

HP Visual Collaboration Selected as Finalist for Best of Enterprise Connect Award
Judges pick HP as one of seven companies to compete at Enterprise Connect Orlando 2011.

HP Visual Collaboration Solutions

HP provides a complete portfolio of video conferencing solutions from immersive studios to room-based and desktop systems, making it simple to choose what's perfect for the needs of your business. And with HP Visual Collaboration's significantly lower total cost of ownership, it's never been more affordable.


HP Visual Collaboration Studio. HP's ultimate in visual collaboration. 3-screen immersive solutions for 2, 4, 6 and 12 seat configurations.


HP Visual Collaboration Room. Ideal for any collaborative space with single and dual screen solutions.

Executive Desktop

HP Visual Collaboration Executive Desktop. Turn office into video conference room with compelling high definition video and HP's innovative TouchSmart desktop computer.


HP Visual Collaboration Desktop. High definition visual collaboration available anytime, anywhere on desktops or laptops.


HP's next-generation video infrastructure is the heart of the HP Visual Collaboration solutions. Cost-effective scalability and manageability result in dramatically lower total cost of ownership.


Unbundled services allow you to create the package that best suits your needs. Our global, enterprise-class management and services include installation, maintenance, professional services, operations management and technical training.
HP Visual Collaboration is more than just a product or a service. It's a way of doing business. We recognize that nothing is more productive than face-to-face communication and that every vendor, customer and client is vitally important. So let's talk about how HP Visual Collaboration solutions can make your business more productive, efficient and successful. Please submit the following email form and an HP Visual Collaboration Business Manager will contact you directly.

How does Visual Collaboration compare to traditional video conferencing?
It is leaps and bounds above the quality and reliability of traditional video offerings. The use of Scalable Video Coding, also known as SVC, is groundbreaking. It lets you use any network (home/service provider, work, Wi-Fi) and achieve high quality video collaboration, with no visible picture degradation.
What is Scalable Video Coding?
SVC is the newest industry standard for video encoding. Encoding is the process of preparing the video for output, where the digital video is encoded to meet proper formats and specifications for recording and playback through the use of video encoder software. SVC accomplishes that encoding more effectively.
What will I have to buy?
You simply determine how many Room systems you want, how many Executive Desktop all-in-one units you need, and how many employees will use their own corporate laptops and PCs to conduct face-to-face meetings. Then you add the software-based infrastructure which includes a management Portal for the IT team to manage the video licenses and who has access to them, as well as a set of Routers based on how many users you have, and finally, an optional media Gateway to connect to existing videoconferencing (H.323/SIP). A set of cameras, speakerphones, and room monitors must also be chosen, which HP can help you choose.
Who can I communicate with?
With HP Visual Collaboration you can communicate with co-workers and partners even if they are located outside your corporate firewall. You can even invite people into meetings who do not have the software themselves, as a guest.
Will other vendor's endpoints work with Visual Collaboration?
HP Visual Collaboration endpoints can connect to existing H.323 video conferencing solutions using the Gateway product.
How much can I save?
Every deployment is different. However, you can save upwards of 30% over the cost of traditional video conferencing with HP Visual Collaboration. Another saving benefit is through the reduction of business travel by your employees. Carbon emissions reduction can be calculated and used to meet a company's environmental and corporate responsibility goals.
Can I use Visual Collaboration when I'm on the road?
Absolutely. The value of HP Visual Collaboration is just that. You can connect for face-to-face meetings – anywhere, anytime – as long as there is Internet access.
Do I need to have IT set it up before each meeting?
Not at all. The ease of use of HP Visual Collaboration is one of its best features. The interactive user interface of the software-based visual collaboration solutions enables users to easily join or start a meeting. And the HP Visual Collaboration Executive Desktop even delivers a touch-enabled experience.
How good is the video quality?
The video is high definition (HD). However, if an endpoint does not have the processing power or network bandwidth to handle HD video, the solution will scale the video to meet the endpoint constraints while preserving the optimal video quality.
Is it compatible with my client's equipment?
HP Visual Collaboration Desktop is software-based, so any customers, clients or partners can connect with you by simple email invite. Once you send the invite, your partners and you are meeting face-to-face.
Does it require proprietary infrastructure?
The Infrastructure products are software based and come bundled on HP ProLiant servers.
How does the new product suite enhance my Halo Studio experience?
While the immersive Studios offer a state-of-the art high-end user experience running over a dedicated fiber-optic network, the HP Visual Collaboration Desktop, Executive Desktop, and Room solutions add the ability to collaborate anywhere, anytime, and to do so over the Internet. HP Halo Studios use the HP Video Exchange Network (HVEN) and are ideal for companies who desire a very high-touch managed service. It's a great solution for holding board meetings and to bridge global teams. But to extend a quality video conferencing experience to those who may not be near a Studio room, the full line of HP Visual Collaboration products is the perfect solution.
Is 24/7 help available?
HP provides 24-hour a day concierge service for the current Studio solution – meaning a live person to assist you is just a phone call away. You can also pick and choose the service offerings that best suit your needs for a complete Desktop to Rooms to Studio deployment.

Here to Help.

Welcome to the exciting world of Visual Collaboration! To help you enjoy state of the art video conferencing right away, you can find easy-to-follow Quick Reference and User Guides for the various Visual Collaboration products here. If you don't see the product or language that you're looking for, please check back, as we will be updating and adding more information in the near future.

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Ideal for any collaborative space with single and dual screen solutions.

3-screen immersive solutions for 2, 4, 6 and 12 seat configurations.

Combines compelling high definition video with HP's innovative TouchSmart Desktop computer.

High definition visual collaboration available anytime, anywhere on desktops or laptops.


Managing 200 data centers. 380,000 servers. 5.4 million desktops. And you.

HP Visual Collaboration offers a portfolio of services including deployment, maintenance and support, concierge services and complete end-to-end managed services.

Offerings include unbundled services on customer or dedicated networks. This lets you pick and choose the services packages that best meet your needs. Services such as Concierge, remote management and on-site break/fix can be provided by HP, channel partners or service providers.
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Our global, enterprise-class management and services include:

  • Installation services
  • Maintenance services
  • Professional Services
  • Operations Management Services
  • Technical Training
Installation services
Installation services include on-site labor to unpack equipment supplied by HP, installation in the location identified by customer and configuration of system to customer's infrastructure.
Maintenance services
Maintenance services include support services for HP products, including technical support, spare parts, software updates and upgrades, and on-site support.
Professional Services
Professional Services is your business partner, helping you decide what to procure and how to best deploy the solution. This includes:
  • Network Assessment – to determine your business needs and network capabilities
  • Deployment Project Management
  • Remote site evaluation - customize implementation plan for deployment
Operations Management Services
Operations Management Services assist you in daily operations of your HP products. These can include hosted solutions, turn-key managed services or usage tracking and reporting.
Technical Training
Technical Training helps your IT department become experts in HP Visual Collaboration. There are two components to our Technical Training:

Installation and Maintenance Technical Training
Enables technicians and engineers to become capable of installing and maintaining HP's Visual Collaboration offerings. Training covers system overview, system configuration, troubleshooting techniques, etc.

Administrator Technical Training
Provides comprehensive training for administrators responsible for day-to-day operation of any HP Visual Collaboration solution. Training covers solution overview, administration of moves-adds-changes, basic troubleshooting and software upgrades.


The backbone of some pretty serious innovation

HP Visual Collaboration infrastructure is at the heart of HP Visual Collaboration products. By employing an innovative video infrastructure – software running on HP servers – Visual Collaboration solutions are cost-effective, scalable and easily manageable, resulting in a dramatically lower total cost of ownership.
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The HP Visual Collaboration Portal serves as the hub of your visual collaboration network, enabling remote configuration and authentication, directory services, reporting and central management of endpoints.
  • Includes an HP Proliant DL360 with Portal software
  • Create and manage users, assign users to groups and manage permissions
  • Configure settings for the system as a whole including platform network settings, licensing, and software for automatic distribution
  • Simplifies deployment of desktop clients with a small client footprint
  • Pushes out the latest desktop software during next portal visit by end user
  • Enable load-balancing and floating licenses across multiple routers
  • Manage Router pools to optimize bandwidth utilization and network delay
  • End users establish and control their own conferences without IT support
  • Secured access with Secured Conferencing Option
HP's innovative Router serves as a critical piece in the HD solution by efficiently routing video packets across the network. With its ability to facilitate scalable video coding, the router dynamically changes video information to conform to network conditions and endpoint processing power, all the while maintaining a seamless experience for the user. This means a high-quality conference experience without any noticeable latency.
  • Includes an HP ProLiant DL360 with Router software
  • Facilitates scalable video coding
  • Supports up to 100 simultaneous endpoints, including firewall traversal
  • Enables HD multipoint conferencing at a lower cost per connection
  • Eliminates the need for a Multipoint Control Unit (MCU)
  • Bridges calls together to enable multiparty calls
Finally, HP's Visual Collaboration Gateway enables interoperability between existing equipment and your new HP Visual Collaboration Desktops and Rooms, essentially allowing you to keep using your current system while enjoying all the benefits of ours.
  • Includes an HP ProLiant DL360 with Gateway software
  • Connects HP Visual Collaboration system to legacy MCUs
  • Intuitive web-based administration, configuration and maintenance
  • Real-time resource utilization monitoring
  • Provides packet-loss error resiliency over the network toward the Router
  • Multiple Gateways can be stacked to increase number of supported ports
  • Add and control legacy endpoints through the Portal

Visual Collaboration Desktop

Portable. Personal. Business-changing

Imagine high-definition, multipoint video conferencing from your computer anytime, anywhere. With HP Visual Collaboration Desktop, that's exactly what you get. Your computer becomes your personal video conferencing platform for quality, face-to-face interaction in the office, at home, on the road and around the world. Features like expanded multipoint capabilities, personalized video layout and application sharing mean you'll experience rich, live, communication without ever having to sit in another conference room.

Using scalable video coding, the Desktop product provides high definition with minimal bandwidth and network requirements. And since the visual collaboration desktop is software based, it's easily downloadable for high quality, portable conferencing without the cost of proprietary hardware.
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  • HD video at the desktop or laptop
  • Anywhere, anytime connectivity to executive desktops and rooms
  • Downloadable software
  • Expanded multipoint capabilities
  • Built-in network error concealment
  • Flexible bandwidth management with scalable video coding
  • Low total-cost-of-ownership deployment
Orderable Options
  • Logitech camera C910
  • Logitech USB Headset 330
  • ClearOne Chat 50 personal speakerphone
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Visual Collaboration Executive Desktop

Simple and smart. Effective and efficient.

Introducing the HP Visual Collaboration Executive Desktop: A one-touch, high-definition video conferencing tool that turns your office into a personal video conference room. Using the innovative HP TouchSmart platform, with integrated HD camera, microphone and speakers, and preloaded with our visual collaboration software, getting started is quick and easy.

The intuitive interface lets you join a conference with the touch of a finger. You can initiate a face-to-face meeting at moment's notice – no pre-scheduling necessary. Connect participants from multiple locations at the same, regardless of whether they are gathered in video-enabled conference rooms or sitting in front of desktops of their own. Features like application sharing and personalized video layout mean you will experience the best of all phone and web conferencing capabilities with the benefits of in-person interaction.

Our scalable video coding technology adapts to the network you're using to ensure the highest quality video around. And that means the kind of personal connection you need to make is always right at hand. It's the convenience and value of a face-to-face meeting without ever leaving your desk.

Add in the versatility of expanded multipoint capabilities along with low total cost of ownership, and this is one Executive decision that's easy to make.
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  • Touch capabilities on the innovative HP Touchsmart platform
  • Everything you need to get started comes pre-bundled
  • Easy to use interface, connect with the touch of a finger
  • Application and desktop sharing
  • HD video and echo-cancelling audio
  • Built-in network error concealment
  • Expanded multipoint capabilities
  • Flexible bandwidth management with scalable video coding
  • Low total-cost-of-ownership deployment
  • Personalized video layouts
  • Reservation-less conferencing for meetings at a moments notice
  • Scalable video coding for high definition with minimal bandwidth and network requirements
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Visual Collaboration Studio

Connect. Collaborate. Create.

HP Visual Collaboration Studio is an unparalleled immersive video experience that brings your team members and clients together in a way that feels as if you're sitting in the same room. The Studio is the ultimate collaboration solution, enabling companies with teams dispersed around the world to connect, communicate and get stuff done more efficiently and effectively.

And with secure, real-time broadcast quality designed for optimal video performance, the Visual Collaboration Studio offers participants a consistent "no-perceived delay" experience.

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  • Immersive studio service on a secure network
  • 2, 4, 6, and 12 seat configurations
  • Broadcast-quality cameras and lenses
  • Plasma screen monitors, including a high-definition collaboration screen for real-time data sharing
  • High-definition overhead object camera
  • Executive conference chairs, table with wood veneer top, second row seating
  • Integrated equipment room
  • Comprehensive managed service with premium concierge
  • Unmatched 99.5% reliability
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified
  • Built in collaboration channel for sharing content via laptops
  • Optional overhead document camera for sharing objects
  • Webcasting allows you to turn Studio into an in-house TV studio capable of broadcasting around the world at the same time.
  • Complete installation and 24/7 concierge service

Visual Collaboration Room

Flexible. Adaptive. Intimate.

With HP Visual Collaboration Room solutions, turning any multipurpose conference space into a high-quality, face-to-face meeting is easy and affordable. Our single and dual-screen displays combine with HD cameras, customizable interface and full-featured desktop sharing to create a natural, interactive experience. So virtual meetings, large or small, are as intimate and productive as being there in-person.

With its portability, you also have the flexibility to move the HP Visual Collaboration Room to another location should business call for it.

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  • High-quality video in multipurpose conference spaces
  • Software-driven solutions on your own network and industry standard platforms
  • Easy to use interface to create a same-room feel
  • HD video and echo-cancelling audio
  • Built-in network error concealment
  • Single or dual screen layouts
  • Expanded multipoint capabilities
  • Flexible bandwidth management with scalable video coding
  • Low total-cost-of-ownership deployment
  • Portability to easily move and setup Room where most effective.
  • Scalable video coding for high definition with minimal bandwidth and network requirements.
Orderable Options
  • Screen Sharing Accessory
  • Room camera
  • Speakerphone
  • Displays – 42" or 50"
  • Carts or wall-mounts
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