Shared Storage Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

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Looking for shared storage opportunities to support consolidation and virtualization initiatives? Don’t get left behind as technology moves ahead. Choose HP MSA Storage.

HP MSA Storage key benefits

HP Modular Smart Arrays (MSA) Storage provides SMBs with easy to manage storage solutions which are affordable and totally reliable. Stay ahead of the competition with HP’s high performance, easy on the budget storage solutions for your growing business.

  • Simple, flexible SAN architecture: easy to set up and manage
  • Options for smaller deployments or remote office locations
  • Eliminates the need to choose between high performance and low cost

Depending on your individual requirements, choose from two distinctive HP MSA Storage families:

HP MSA 1040 Storage

Designed for entry level market needs

Affordable storage for small and medium businesses, MSA management is a breeze for HP ProLiant and HP Blade System admins.

  • Simple—easy, intuitive setup and management
  • Future-proof—carefree upgrades of older systems, with data already in place, within 15 minutes
  • Fast and affordable—up to 50% more performance at a lower cost
View HP MSA 1040 offersView HP MSA 1040 offers
SKU Description
HP MSA 1040 Storage*
G7Z48A HP MSA 1040 FC 4x600SAS SFF Bndl/TVlite
G7Z49A HP MSA 1040 1Gb iSCSI 4x600 Bndl/TVlite
G7Z50A HP MSA 1040 10Gb iSCSI 4x600 Bndl/TVlite

*All MSA 1040 Bundles include 4x 600GB HDDs

HP MSA 2040 Storage

Designed to move you forward

Setting a new standard, our optimized all round performance lets you experience the best of SSD, along with the latest host interface technologies.

  • Simple—stress free shared storage for HP ProLiant and HP Blade System
  • Fast—deploy SSDs with our new 4-port controller and get up to 4x the performance of competitive products
  • Future-proof—unlock the latest host interfaces with 16Gb FC; plus, our innovative data already in place upgrade feature to eliminate the need for data migration
View HP MSA 2040 offersView HP MSA 2040 offers
SKU Description
HP MSA 2040 Storage*
E7V89AM HP MSA 2040 FC 6x600 SAS SFF Bndl/Tvlite**
E7W38A HP MSA2040 1GbiSCSI 6x600 Bndl/Tvlite**
E7W37A HP MSA2040 10GbiSCSI 6x600 Bndl/Tvlite**
E7W36A HP MSA 2040 SAS 6x600SAS SFF Bndl/Tvlite
G7Z51A HP MSA 2040 FC 6x900 SAS SFF Bndl/Tvlite**
G7Z52A HP MSA 2040 1Gb iSCSI 6x900 Bndl/Tvlite**
G7Z53A HP MSA 2040 10Gb iSCSI 6x900 Bndl/Tvlite**
G7Z54A HP MSA 2040 SAS 6x900SAS SFF Bndl/TVlite

* All MSA 2040 Bundles include 2 SAN Controllers
** These bundles also include a 4-pack of corresponding FC or iSCSI SFPs

Save up to 39% when buying the bundle instead of the separate components.

HP Care Pack to support your new HP storage products, also on offer

Peace of mind thanks to 3-year 24x7 4-hour response Foundation Care support on your MSA 1040 and MSA 2040 (with up to 35% discount)

For more details please contact your local partner or use the HP Partner locator.

1) Savings when compared to buying each of the Top Value products separately

Best in class Backup, Recovery, and Archiving Solutions

  • HP MSA Storage
  • HP MSA Storage
Save up to 36%

Data is the backbone of every organization. Whatever the type or size of your business, instant access to reliable data is essential to your operations. HP StoreEver Tape Drives and MSL Tape Libraries fully support the storage requirements of businesses needing unattended tape backup, disaster recovery or long term archiving.

When it comes to data protection, Small and Medium Businesses need to:

  • Eliminate exposure which can result from breaches and failure
  • Minimize outages
  • Reduce capital and operating expenses to stay within budget
  • Manage data protection with limited IT resources and expertise; without increasing business risk
  • Perform consistent backup to protect critical data, and support reliable data recovery

As an entry point for the HP StoreEver Tape family, HP StoreEver Tape Drives set new standards for capacity, performance, security, usability and manageability for SMB and single server environments.

HP TopValue Tape Drives include an additional 5 LTO tape cartridges to get you started. The Tape Drive range includes LTO-3, LTO-4, LTO-5 and LTO-6.

LTO is the backbone of HP’s broad range of automated Tape backup solutions. Tape libraries and autoloaders bring numerous benefits, such as the ability to run unattended backup activities, change tapes automatically and minimize the risk of operator error.

You can also back up several computers and servers with the same tape autoloader or library, using different cartridges for each.

Overview of available offers:Overview of available offers:

HP Tape Automation includes the 1/8 Autoloader and MSL2024 Tape Library with a choice of LTO-5 or LTO-6 Tape drives.

8 LTO Media Cartridges are included with the 1/8 Autoloader and 24 LTO Media Cartridges with the MSL2024 Tape Library.

The MSL2024 tape library also comes with many features including Web-based remote management, a tape cartridge bar code reader, configurable mail slots, and multiple 12-slot removable magazines. HP MSL2024 Tape Library also protects important business data from unauthorized access with several data encryption options.

So whether building momentum or expanding your business, you can quickly increase the capacity and performance of your MSL2024 by adding additional media cartridges and tool free drive upgrades.

Overview of available offers:Overview of available offers:

HP StoreEver gives you comprehensive data protection and long term retention. Store data on tapes for decades with our StoreEver solutions. With the industry’s most advanced portfolio, HP StoreEver supports LTO, tape media, standalone tape drives, and tape libraries.

HP has many backup, recovery, and archiving solutions especially designed and configured for small and medium size businesses.

For more information about these offers please contact your local partner or use the HP Partner locator.

HP StoreEasy Storage

  • HP Servers Offers
  • HP Servers Offers
Save up to
Intel Xeon Badge
HP StoreEasy 1440 16TB SATA Storage/TVlite is powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor.

File and application storage made easy

HP StoreEasy is the #1 NAS platform in the $5K - $15K range2, and is built to address file and application storage needs for SMBs and branch offices.

This TVlite offer is the newly launched StoreEasy 1440 with 16TB of capacity at an unbeatable price.

Key benefits:

  • Allows finding the right storage solution quickly and managing it using the skills your customers already have
  • Priced to stretch budget further and to enable resource sharing
  • Lets your customers work with the #1 external storage provider in this segment3
Overview of available offers:Overview of available offers:
Description SKU Recommended Care Pack SKU
HP StoreEasy 1440 16TB Storage/TVlite G7Z56A Foundation Care 24x7 U2MR2E

For more information about these offers please contact your local partner or use the HP Partner locator.

1) Partner must sign up to VMware SKU Credit Program.
2) According to IDC Worldwide Quarterly Disk Storage Tracker 2013Q4
3) According to the IDC Branded Tape Tracker CQ2 2012, HP is the worldwide market share leader in total units

Intel, the Intel logo, Xeon, and Xeon Inside are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Software-Defined Storage—an exciting and cost effective new approach to storing data

  • HP MSA Storage
  • HP MSA Storage
Save up to 42%

Software-Defined Storage lets you automate your IT infrastructure, completely eliminating the need to manually configure the link between hardware and service delivery. Software-Defined Storage is a key part of the software-defined data center. Here, the server, storage, and networking resources are virtualized, pooled, and controlled by software.

Software-Defined Storage means:

  • 80% lower storage costs using existing infrastructure
  • 60% lower energy costs through converged efficiencies
  • 50% lower footprint by converging servers and storage

HP StoreVirtual VSA 2014

The HP StoreVirtual VSA turns any internal or direct attached storage of a Microsoft Hyper-V® or VMware® virtualized server into a fully featured SAN, minus the expense of dedicated external storage arrays. HP StoreVirtual Storage comes with an all-inclusive feature set including linear capacity and performance scaling, Peer Motion data mobility, space efficient thin provisioning, and integrated disaster recovery.

Key benefits:

  • Turns any internal or direct-attached storage of a Microsoft Hyper-V® or VMware® virtualized server into a fully featured SAN.
  • Enables a converged solution which can host both application VMs and the StoreVirtual VSA.
View HP StoreVirtual VSA 2014 offersView HP StoreVirtual VSA 2014 offers

HP StoreVirtual VSA 2014 50TB + Disk Enclosure

Offer with 50 TB VSA + HP D3700 disk enclosure:

  • 1x HP StoreVirtual VSA 2014 50TB license
  • 1x HP D3700 disk enclosure 15TB bundle
  • Adaptive Optimization* ready
QTY SKU Description
1 TC500A HP SV VSA 2014 50TB 3yr Stock LTU
1 B7E40A HP D3700 w/25 600GB 6G SAS 10K SFF DP ENT SC HDD 15TB Bundle
Recommended CarePack service offer
1 U8132E HP Install MSA Array & Enclosure SVC
1 U2E45E HP 3y 4h24x7D2000 Disk Encl JW PrACSv
1 U0WG2E HP 3y SV VSA 2014 50TB LTU Procare SWSVC

HP StoreVirtual VSA 2014 10TB

Now available with an increased performance and 3 years of service, this offer includes a license-pack of the HP StoreVirtual VSA 2014 10TB VSA to easily build a StoreVirtual SAN cluster.

QTY SKU Description
1 D4U03A HP SV VSA 2014 10TB 5yr LTU
1 D4U03AAE HP SV VSA 2014 10TB 5yr E-LTU
1 D4U04A HP SV VSA 2014 10TB 5yr Stock LTU
Recommended CarePack service offer
1 U6VU1E HP 5y VSA 10TB LTU Proactive care SW SVC
1 UU092E HP StoreVirtual VSA Software Startup SVC
1 UU094E HP Startup Storage Addl 1/2 Day SVC

HP StoreOnce VSA 2014

You can now confidently manage and protect your entire backup environment with HP StoreOnce VSA, a state of the art, hardware independent, software based backup and duplication solution.

Why Choose HP StoreOnce VSA?

HP StoreOnce gives you a flexible, cost-effective backup service, built with proven leading-edge storage solutions and management software. It includes highly resilient architecture to support demanding service level agreements, extremely fast restore and backup performance, and scale-out capabilities; giving you the ability to scale capacity and performance as your business grows:

  • 95% reduction in the amount of backup data—guaranteed for powerful, dedicated appliances in larger data centers, or flexible virtual machines.
  • 65% lower storage costs—no need for dedicated hardware means significantly lower storage costs.
  • 50% less rack space—no need for dedicated hardware means a smaller footprint.
  • 70% less power—no need for dedicated hardware means huge savings on energy.

Regardless of your company’s size, HP StoreOnce VSA builds confidence in data protection by reducing risk, increasing agility, and securely moving data (without rehydration).

Key benefits:

  • Deploys business applications and data protection on the same infrastructure.
  • Offers simple, low-cost backup and recovery managed services.
  • Deploys backup solutions at remote offices without needing dedicated hardware.
View HP StoreOnce VSA 10TB offersView HP StoreOnce VSA 10TB offers

The two HP StoreOnce VSA 10TB offerings deliver the agility and flexibility of StoreOnce, but as a virtual appliance i.e. without the need for dedicated hardware - for a deduplicated disk-based cost effective backup storage that efficiently stores your customers’ backup data.

QTY SKU Description
1 TC458A HP StoreOnce VSA 10TB 3-year LTU
1 TC458AAE HP StoreOnce VSA 10TB 3-year E-LTU
Recommended CarePack service offer
1 U0MM6E HP 3y StoreOnce VSA Proact Care SW SVC

The HP StoreVirtual VSA is also available as a free trial:

For more details please contact your local partner or use the HP Partner locator.

* Adaptive Optimization can make use of two disk tiers for sub-LUN tiering if for example SSDs are added to the enclosure at a later time.

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is valid from 1 November 2014 through 31 January 2015 inclusive.
  • This offer is only valid in participating countries across EMEA.
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount.
  • All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • This offer is subject to availability.