HP provides services aligned to your business needs

You should never have to choose between taking care of your business and taking care of your technology. However, for many small businesses, internal IT support is either limited or has limited bandwidth. That’s not a problem because HP support services are simple, affordable, and are available directly from HP or through your local Channel Partner. Take a look at the most popular services from HP and see what we can do for your business.

  • Over 90% of Fortune 100 companies use our services
  • HP Technology Services covers all 24 time zones, 365 days a year
  • There are 6000 highly-accessible HP experts

HP Care Pack Services

Easy to buy, easy to use, HP Care Pack Services are pre-packaged service options to help you save time and cut the support costs associated with maintaining your IT environment. You can choose to reactively fix your environment quickly, or you may choose the service that proactively keeps your IT running.

Proactive Care - Keep IT running
Proactive consulting
Proactive consultation Proactive consultation
  • Advanced technical expertise
  • Prevent problems from occurring with reports, analysis and recommendations
Monitoring Access to remote monitoring
  • Access to data for quick diagnosis
  • Superior call experience with end-to-end call management

HP Proactive Care Service for Servers and Storage

Proactive Care support—To increase the stability of your IT environment, HP experts in your region use remote support technology to keep your IT running smoothly, with less downtime. Direct access to HP experts means that, if you have a problem, we can fix it faster:

Value proposition:

  • Helps identify ways to keep the environment stable and performing well, and prevent problems before they cause downtime.
  • When problems do arise, it provides superior experience when calling HP, with a knowledgeable expert speaking the local language, managing the case from end to end.

Key proactive features include:

  • Quarterly incident report.
  • Twice-yearly Proactive Scan.
  • Platform Firmware and Software Revision Management.

HP Industry Standard Servers – Proactive Care Post Warranty Care Pack

Has your HP server warranty expired? No problem, you can still protect your business and get quick access to HP experts when needed.

The Post Warranty Support option means your IT remains protected by HP. This offer applies to key HP Industry Standard Servers, offering coverage for a one-year period. You can benefit from the same level of expertise which HP offers on networking products, while also improving the reliability of your IT environment. Plus, if something does go wrong, HP provides quicker access to the right people who can fix your problem.

HP Industry Standard Servers Proactive Care on ML35x, DL36x, DL38x (Gen8), and on the new Gen9 servers

HP is continuing a special offer of three- and five-year Proactive Care Next-Business-Day on three popular Gen8 server models, as well as 24x7 four-hour response on the new Gen9 servers. Take advantage now.

HP Storage Products – Proactive Care support

Now you can take advantage of HP special offers to get Proactive Care Service on Hardware and Software designed specifically for your technology. You will also get rapid access to Advanced Solution Center Specialists, along with firmware and software management and best practice advice.

Take this opportunity to get Proactive Care Service on your MSL 2014 and StorageWorks D2000 Disk Enclosure with a 4h 24x7 3-year Proactive Care offering. You can also take advantage of StoreVirtual VSA 2014 and StoreOnce VSA 10 TB with 3 year Proactive Care SW service. Get the flexibility you need right now for your storage appliances to prevent future problems.

With up to 41% discount

HP Proactive Select Care Pack Service

Available on HP Industry Standard Servers

If you’re looking to explore topics of concern or interest to you, Proactive Select may be just the right solution. You connect with HP experts who work with you on a one-off basis in areas of particular need for your data center.

Please note this list is not exhaustive. Each of the topics is worth a certain number of credits. Proactive Select is sold in packages of credits. The current offer allows you to buy 30, 60, or 90 credits, valid for one or three years, based on your requirements.

With up to 70% discount

HP Foundation Care Service

Simplified support for the New Style of IT. HP Foundation Care Service offers comprehensive hardware and software support for your IT infrastructure. HP technical assistance partners with your team to resolve hardware and software problems using HP and approved third party products.

For hardware products this includes remote diagnosis and support, as well as onsite hardware repair as required. For eligible HP industry standard servers, the service could also include Basic Software Support and Collaboration.

For software products protected by Foundation Care, HP provides remote technical support and access to software updates and patches. HP releases updates for software and reference manuals, as soon as they become available, for each system, processor, processor core and end user, as allowed by applicable software licenses.

Choose from a simplified set of Foundation Care support levels to meet your business and operational needs:

  • Six-hour Call-to-Repair
  • 24x7 four-hour response time
  • Next-Business-Day response time
  • 4-Hour Exchange (for networking products)
  • Next-Business-Day Exchange (for networking products)

Your business can count on a faster fix, and all at a promotional price, when you purchase Next- Business-Day or 24x7 4-hour response HP Care Pack between now and 31 January 2015.

With up to 35% discount

HP Proactive Care Service for Networking

Proactive Care support—To increase the stability of your IT environment, HP experts in your region use remote support technology to keep your IT running smoothly, with less downtime. Direct access to HP experts means that, if you have a problem, we can fix it faster.

HP Networking Products – Proactive Care in-warranty support

Now you can take advantage of this special HP offer to get Proactive Care on your networking switches. During the three-year Proactive Care service coverage period, HP Networking customers especially appreciate Proactive Care, as it provides:

  • 24x7x365 direct access to the HP Advanced Solution Center, part of a near-to-shore delivery team
  • Targeted rapid response to critical incidents within 15 minutes
  • Technical Solution Specialist for SPOC and E2E case ownership
  • Accelerated escalation management

In addition, an HP Technical Account Manager provides you with proactive, targeted advice on how to make your network run more smoothly. This is key to making sure your business moves ahead without problems.

With up to 70% discount

HP Networking Renewal Care Pack Service

Available for selected Networking products

Has the HP Networking Care Pack on your Lifetime Warranty 2.0 product expired? No problem; HP introduces HP Networking Renewal Care Pack Service, allowing you to easily renew your support agreement with HP.

Are your networking products still under Lifetime Warranty 2.0, but you know your business requires a faster fix? Again, no problem, since HP Networking Renewal Care Pack Service can even get you a guaranteed fix within six hours. You can choose the level of Foundation Care service which suits your business:

  • 4-hour Exchange
  • Next-Business-Day Exchange
  • 24x7
  • Call to Repair

HP Networking Lifetime Warranty 2.0 covers the following HP Networking products:

  • 25/26/29xx fixed switches
  • 31/36/38xx fixed switches
  • 42xx modular switches
  • 51xxc fixed switches
  • 54xx modular switches
  • 55xx fixed switches
  • 62xx fixed switches
  • 82xx modular switches
With up to 20% discount

For more information about these offers, please contact your reseller or visit hp.com/go/carepackcentral.

Terms & Conditions

  • These offers are valid from 1 November 2014 through 31 January 2015.
  • Offers are only valid in participating countries across EMEA.
  • Savings are based on the HP standard list prices.
  • Offers cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.
  • All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Offers are subject to availability.
  • HP reserves the right to amend or cancel these offers without notice.