Server, Storage and Networking

Server, Storage and Networking

Complex Integration

Who better to integrate your complex solution then HP experts in the HP factory? Let us configure your servers, storage and network devices, plus integrate your configured racks, clusters…and more!

Third-party product integration
Disk array configuration
Network configuration
Custom Rack integration and Cabling
Software configuration
Onsite startup and more

Custom System Settings

HP customizes your system settings and hardware, loads your custom images, creates and affixes asset tags & labels and packages the solution per your requirements before leaving the HP factory.

Custom system setting
Hardware configuration
Asset tagging and labeling
Custom image loading - and more

Solution Services

HP provides a single point of contact to define and manage your solution build, to coordinate between your team and HP experts, and to facilitate delivery to your site.

Project management
Solution testing
Virtualization services
Engineering consultation & support

HP Personal Systems

Configuration Services

Design and build your custom PC according to your PC standardization requirements. Tap into a rich portfolio offering of packaged and productized services that meet your requirements. You can order from a standard PC/Services catalog integrated into your company environment and configure HP PCs to your exact specifications. Benefit from advanced industrial processes and tools integrated into our global factories.

Deployment services

IT deployment can be a costly undertaking—in terms of time, money, and distraction from your business. HP helps you cut costs, preserve your precious time, and stay focused on your core competencies with expert deployment services that bring you fast, accurate, and globally standardized IT solutions.


Usage Services

Get the most out of your device by utilizing industry standard security solutions and extending its life with updated components. Let HP manage your asset and security tagging and allow your valuable IT resources to focus on other important IT tasks.

Care Services

HP provides simple, pre-configured service packages that offer hardware assessment, installation, support and maintenance, with a range of coverage windows, for greater uptime and productivity. This includes different predefined service-level options featuring several onsite response or call-to-repair time and coverage window combinations in various durations to address your specific service needs. Let your needs be addressed by the same experts who build the HP hardware and work with it every day.