HP FutureSmart allows HP printers to get younger with age

Discover HP FutureSmart upgradeable firmware. Included within HP LaserJet enterprise printers, multifunction printers (MFPs), and network scanners, HP FutureSmart is like the operating system for your HP fleet.
Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re protecting your investment with reliable, expandable HP functionality across your fleet - for older and newer devices alike.

Solution at a glance

Solution at a glance image

HP FutureSmart firmware is a unique and powerful operating system that enables your HP LaserJet enterprise devices to be more useful and productive, today and well into the future.

  • Upgrade HP FutureSmart over time, similar to a PC’s operating system with service packs or major new functionality releases.
  • Get consistent, intuitive user controls across devices.
  • Seamlessly incorporate paper documents with your digital content right from your device.
  • Easily install updates on your schedule.

Protect your investments

Designed to be upgradable, HP FutureSmart firmware lets you update HP printers, MFPs, and network scanners with the latest security enhancements, mobile device connectivity, or workflow features. So your older HP devices can be equipped with the same features as next-generation HP FutureSmart devices 1.

Upgrade on your terms

Use HP’s free management tool, Web Jetadmin, or the device’s embedded web server to install HP FutureSmart updates. You get upgrade flexibility along with feature stability. Choose which type of upgrade to bring to your device fleet.

  • Service Pack only upgrades maintain existing device features and user interfaces while providing important security or operation fixes.
  • Major release upgrades are ideal for customers who are ready to upgrade all compatible devices to the latest features and changes in functionality.

Consistency is key

Maintain a reliable feature set and user experience across your fleet of HP FutureSmart-enabled MFPs, printers, and network scanners. With consistent control panels, menus, messages, and features, HP FutureSmart makes it easy and intuitive for users to work among different devices. And HP Web Jetadmin lets IT staff centrally manage user interfaces and configure or update feature settings across all devices in the fleet.

Integrated solutions

MFPs can play a crucial role in helping manage and integrate documents into digital content systems. HP FutureSmart can help transform your device into a powerful business processing center.

  • Initiate and complete a business process right at the device.
  • Establish and customize front-panel HP Quick Set buttons for common tasks such as scanning expense reports or uploading documents to a shared folder.
  • Use HP Image Preview to review and edit scanned documents before sending to your destination.
  • HP Open Extensibility Platform (OXP) creates a unified environment that allows third-party software solutions to work seamlessly with FutureSmart imaging and printing devices.
1 Some features enabled by future HP FutureSmart upgrades may not be available on older devices if, for example, physical product characteristics limit the functionality of the new feature.