HPE Innovation Centers

The business of innovation:
turning vision into reality.
The HPE Innovation Centers are all about creating innovative business breakthroughs and helping business executives to explore and expand their business vision.

About us

About us The HPE Innovation Centers use a structured methodology to help customers navigate the process of innovation. The approach taken also helps to understand where technology solutions can have a big impact to enable business success. We will enable you to explore and expand your business vision and very quickly plan a route that will turn this vision into reality.

The HPE Innovation Center teams ensure that executive groups are guided successfully through an innovation experience. Business and technology specialists from the HPE worldwide network contribute to the success by providing carefully researched content to fuel the innovation process.

The stimulating environments and consultancy methodology used accelerates the decision-making process and creates rapid results to define the way forward.

Innovation imperatives

Importance is placed on creating breakthrough business visions at the HPE Innovation Centers. Creating a pragmatic roadmap on how to achieve the vision is equally important.

Any transition towards the vision has to take into account today’s context as well as the necessary steps that have to be taken tomorrow. This is achieved by ensuring that the transition is:
  • based upon the client’s business requirements
  • evolutionary and not revolutionary
  • achieving timely business result

Technology enabled business innovation

The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes. Marcel Proust Technology solutions can have a profound effect on helping organizations to create innovative business breakthroughs. However, making decisions about which solutions to deploy can be a challenge. Many choices exist and the pace of change never ceases to increase, making it difficult to make decisions to meet today's requirements and to also retain the agility to respond to the unknown business demands of tomorrow.

Companies who are considering the introduction of new technology-enabled business innovations need to get a first impression about possible usage and end-user reactions. An understanding is often required of new concepts, technologies and business models to see how they will shape their future business.

The HPE Innovation Centers apply a pragmatic approach to ensure that customers are able to quickly define a roadmap to achieve the overall business vision and establish a high-level of confidence that correct decisions are being made. Extensive use is made of 'rapid concept prototypes' to stimulate the innovation process. These prototypes enable a scenario-driven assessment of end-user experiences and facilitate an exploration of the 'art of the possible' to show where technology solutions can have maximum impact.

A rich pallet of tools and technologies are used to create the prototypes. Importance is also placed on creating suitable environments, scenario-sets (i.e. end-user environment scenes, such as the home, office, mobile environments, public access locations, etc.) to evaluate these prototypes and to encourage further innovative thinking and consensus building amongst the executive groups. The prototypes have a profound effect on helping to visualize how certain technologies will be used and accepted in practice.

HPE Innovation Center Geneva

HPE European Headquarters
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HPE Innovation Center Geneva

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HPE Innovation Center Dubai

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