HPE Innovation Centers

The HPE Innovation Centers use a structured methodology to help customers navigate the process of innovation. The approach taken also helps to understand where technology solutions can have a big impact to enable business success. Contact us for more information Innovation is seen today as an essential ingredient to establish and maintain business advantage. Innovative thinking can drive and generate new ideas to turn them into commercial products and services, create new organizational efficiencies to compete more effectively or provide new insights on how to provide a better quality of service to customers. Whatever the trigger may be, the ingredient of innovation is identified as a top priority by both large and small enterprises alike. It is listed among corporate values indicating that employees are also being challenged to become more innovative. Although the importance of innovation is well recognized, knowing how to stimulate, motivate and manage innovative thinking within an organization can be difficult. Very few organizations have performance metrics for innovation or management processes to support a formal innovation process (beyond the domain of Research and Development). Neither do many organizations have a business review process to explicitly focus on innovation performance. The HPE Innovation Center is a center of expertise that focuses on the business of innovation. Its mission is to help organizations explore and innovate breakthrough business ideas. From a technology perspective, the primary motivation of HPE is to identify where best-in-class technology products, solutions and services can be applied to enable business success. But a key factor to keep in mind is that true business advantage is gained by harnessing smart ideas … and not just the latest technology. Consequently, the business of innovation at the HPE Innovation Center aims to ensure that organizations are able to obtain the best return from their IT investments and harness the full potential behind their innovative ideas. The HPE Innovation Centers have a proven track-record with clients from all major industry segments who are able to demonstrate the real benefits obtained from the business of innovation.