HP Classroom Manager

Classroom control, management, and collaboration
at the click of a mouse

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Evaluate student comprehension

Evaluate student comprehension

  • Administer surveys, quizzes and tests
  • Use keyword tracking to ensure comprehension
  • Distribute and collect assignments digitally
  • Listen and record language lessons
Encourage collaboration

Encourage collaboration

  • Record results and progress with Digital Journals
  • Form chat groups to discuss topics
  • Share student work across all systems
  • Interact via virtual whiteboard
Monitor student activities

Monitor student activities

  • Restrict website and application access
  • Single click launch of website and applications
  • Screen and device locking
  • Block or limit printing to reduce ink usage
Easily support teachers

Easily support teachers

  • Message teachers 1:1 or en masse in a matter of seconds
  • Provide teacher support through direct chats with IT
Monitor and access devices

Monitor and access devices

  • Remotely monitor website activity and application usage
  • Deploy and update software onto all network devices
  • Implement security measures including firewalls anti-viruses
  • Conduct PC inventory and registry editing
  • Restrict permissions to USB memory sticks, CD and DVD drives
  • Power On/Off or Log Off device simultaneously
Communicate & Collaborate

Communicate & Collaborate

  • Discretely ask for additional help from the teacher
  • Electronically chat with other students within teacher-formed groups
  • Utilize the Digital Whiteboard to share ideas with the teacher and other students
  • See class content easily on your device’s screen, even from the back of the class
Save Time

Save Time

  • Access in-class notes, resources and survey results via the Digital Journal
  • Digitally access homework assignments and files distributed from the teacher
  • Easy note taking and screen capture with the digital journal
  • Quickly find and launch class-specific websites and applications from the toolbar
  • Use your existing tablet instead of having to buy a new one
*iOS version currently available only for iPad devices