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Dedication to open standards


Supporting the OpenStack® community

As part of an ongoing commitment to open source, HPE participates in the development of each OpenStack release and is involved at all levels of governance, including the Board of Directors, which provides strategic and financial oversight for the OpenStack Foundation resources and staff.


A commitment to Cloud Foundry™

The voices of open source

Open source technology is continuously growing and evolving to produce new features, solutions, and innovations. We've invited some of the leading thinkers in open source communities to share their insights, best practices, and future thinking.


An open source ecosystem

The global open source movement is a thriving ecosystem of free software and technology with participation from talented independent developers, innovative startups, and established Fortune 100 enterprises. Characterized by their active member engagement and an unwavering commitment to the principles of open standards, these open source projects are valuable contributors to the open source ecosystem.


CloudSlang is an open source, flow-based, agentless orchestration tool designed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise for use with leading technologies like Docker or CoreOS. With CloudSlang, you can automate development and operations using pre-defined workflows or your own custom workflows.


Debian is a free operating system collaboratively developed through the Debian Project. Built using an open source Linux or FreeBSD kernel at its core, the Debian OS comes with more than 43,000 packages of pre-compiled software, a package manager, and other valuable utilities.


Grommet is an advanced open source UX framework provided by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. By blending consumer-grade capabilities with an enterprise user experience framework, Grommet helps IT pros offer a familiar user experience across different enterprise applications and allows designers and developers to work from the same platform.


Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is an open source virtualization solution that supports multiple virtual machines running unmodified Windows or Linux images. KVM consists of a loadable kernel module providing the core virtualization infrastructure and a processor-specific module.


Linux is a free, open source operating system that manages the communication between your computer hardware and software. This popular, reliable computer ecosystem is built off the Linux operating system kernel.


MongoDB is a cross-platform, document-oriented database that offers an alternative to traditional relational databases. This open source database management system is designed to meet the requirements of modern applications by offering enhanced flexibility, scale, and performance.

Open Compute Project (OCP)

The Open Compute Project (OCP) is a global community of technology leaders committed to rethinking current hardware technology to produce open source infrastructure solutions that offer increased efficiency, scalability, flexibility, and choice.


PHP is a fast, flexible, and pragmatic server-side scripting language used for both web development and as a general programming language. Its distribution includes various free, open source libraries, and developers can add further functionality by writing their own C-based extensions.


Python is a popular dynamic programming language with a focus on code readability, extensibility, and a streamlined, minimalistic syntax. Python supports multiple programming paradigms, is available for free under an open source license, and is developed under a global, community-based model.


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