Hybrid Cloud: The right mix for business growth

Competition is constantly pushing the pace of innovation, driving IT to anticipate what’s coming next and plan accordingly. Blend the best of private and public cloud into a hybrid cloud that scales up and down to meet your current and future business needs.

75% of enterprise IT will be delivered by hybrid clouds by 2016.

- IDC Analyst Frank Gens, "The Next Cloud Challenge", Dec. 2014

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Hybrid prepares your business for the future by integrating private and public cloud

As more workloads move to the cloud, enterprises need to balance the pay-as-you-go benefits of public cloud with increased demand for the on-premises control of private cloud. Hybrid establishes the right cloud combination for both.

Discover the right mix of
cloud for your business

Private Cloud

Private cloud features an infrastructure built for variable workloads, bursts of high-compute processing, and elastic storage needs combined with self-service for users and developers. It is best suited for classic IT applications and for mission-critical workloads that store and process sensitive information.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud combines and easily manages the unique capabilities of private cloud and public cloud. Enterprise IT can balance flexibility and control while laying an architectural foundation that quickly scales services, speeds up application development, and reduces overall IT costs.

Public Cloud

Public cloud offers the same basic infrastructure as private cloud but is managed by third parties using a pay-as-you-go model. While this greatly reduces control and oversight, it makes public cloud well-adapted for developing and testing cloud-native applications that benefit from fast access to on-demand resources.

The road to hybrid starts with private cloud

HPE Helion gets private cloud right


Designed to stand up private cloud quickly and efficiently


Created with developers and API’s in mind


Provides industry-leading security and compliance support


Recasts IT as a trusted broker of services


Developed by the world’s largest open cloud community

See how different organizations are succeeding with hybrid cloud

Companies need a technology partner with deep business experience and vision to provide leadership and help them achieve specific objectives—HPE Helion is that kind of partner.


Protect sensitive information in a private cloud

Process business spikes in a public cloud

Fortune 500 company

Store personal health records in a private cloud

Crunch R&D numbers in a public cloud


Map exploration strategies in a private cloud

Analyze geographical data in a public cloud

Energy sector

Secure customer data in a private cloud

Manage seasonal spending in a public cloud

Financial services

Evolve your business for hybrid

Deploy up to


Transform your IT department into a proactive internal service provider.

Many IT organizations are recognizing the need to evolve and expand in response to advancing technology and shifting business priorities. By reshaping your IT strategy to give your IT department the opportunity to develop and broker cloud services for your business, you transform them from a reactive entity to a proactive source of valuable services and solutions.

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Build faster. Your business will thank you for it.

How can IT help your business quickly respond to opportunities and go to market faster? As the role of IT managers shifts from managing infrastructure to providing business value through services, finding ways to streamline processes becomes paramount.

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Developers will
deploy up to


of code to cloud environments over the coming year

Hybrid is not some future state when public cloud meets private cloud. If you’re using any cloud service, you’re already hybrid.

It’s A Hybrid Cloud World: Are You Managing Your Hybrid State?
- commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of HP, September 2014

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Open Clouds are Key




Through our strategic partnerships and the pioneering solutions they power, HPE gives you confidence and predictability when selecting an open cloud environment. And to help you successfully design, build, and manage your preferred hybrid cloud solution, we offer a deep portfolio of professional services administered by our worldwide network of OpenStack experts, as well as a large ecosystem of qualified partners to assist you.
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