Turbocharge your applications by moving to cloud

Transform your applications into high-performing business assets with the scalability, flexibility, and continuity of cloud.

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Delivering applications in cloud can provide tremendous benefit to your business, enhancing your customer experience and improving business process performance while decreasing information risk and minimizing costly delays. But without guidance, identifying which applications are well-suited for the transformation can be overwhelming. The highly experienced professionals at HPE Helion use proven assessment strategies and best practices to help you determine which applications are a good fit for cloud and what it will take to get them cloud-ready.
Meet HPE Helion Applications Transformation Services
HPE Helion Applications Transformation Services is a comprehensive set of services to assess, design, develop, migrate, modernize, and integrate application landscapes for cloud environments. This end-to-end solution spans the full range of public, private, managed, and on-premises services and incorporates our proven process for assessing your applications, selecting appropriate modernization strategies, and transforming your applications using factory services and automated tools. And we can even manage your application portfolio after the transformation is complete.

HP knows enough about our strategy, and the implication of cloud on our strategy, to be the right partner to take us forward into the next wave of cloud computing."

- Dan Rose, Chief Information Officer, Syngenta

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