Wallcoverings & canvas


Create safe, stunning wall decorations with HP Latex Printing Technologies

The City by Littlez and Procomp Printset creates vibrant, kid-safe wall coverings for an indoor play environment using HP Latex Printing Technologies.

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Building interior transformed into Noah’s Ark using large indoor murals printed with Latex Printing Technologies

Rudkin Productions and Signs Now printed 24 large murals, bringing Noah’s Ark to life in record time thanks to water-based HP Latex inks.

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OPG delivers stunning indoor graphics for restaurant decoration with HP Latex Printing Technologies

After bolstering its offerings and expanding into interior décor, OPG was able to win new business from places like Café Eataliano.

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Afryka Coffee and Tea House rebrands its business with vivid, printed furnishings thanks to HP Latex Printing Technologies

Using odorless prints from HP Latex printers, Afryka Coffee and Tea House created an entirely new environment for its customers.

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The Royal Ontario Museum brings dinosaurs roaring to life with help from Beyond Digital Imaging and HP

Canadian museum uses HP Latex printing to develop high-quality lifelike graphics printed and installed in record time for its groundbreaking dinosaur exhibit.

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Snapfish enhances high-volume canvas print production with HP Latex Printing Technologies

The photo-printing service company grew the volume of its canvas business and introduced canvas products in new sizes and styles.

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Vehicle graphics


Reade Signs adopts HP Latex Printing Technologies for vehicle graphics

HP Latex printers and inks enable Reade Signs to offer print vehicle graphics on shorter turnarounds with a comprehensive warranty.

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Panther Graphics laps the vehicle wrapping competition with HP Latex Printing Technologies

Motorsports company streamlines production and expands product offerings and into vehicle-graphics with HP Latex.

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Outdoor and event banners


Osmand Signs uses HP Latex Printing Technologies to reproduce Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” for a brick wall installation

HP Latex printers and inks enabled company to expand their service to customers and attract new business.

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