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Build next generation applications powered by the HAVEn big data platform. Learn more about HAVEn engines, connectors, APIs, and tools available to help you succeed using machine data, business data and human information. Bookmark this page to keep up to date with the HAVEn Apps our community is building.

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Why HAVEn?

Big Data Use Cases

Vertica & IDOL: Social Media Aggregation & Analytics

Use open source tools in conjunction with HAVEn analytics to aggregate and analyze Social Media content.

HAVEn Data Engines

Simply put, HAVEn is a combination of analytics engines, data connectors, plus HP and community apps on top to further analyze and visualize the data. There are over 700 connectors in total and you can use your standard ETL tools from the SQL frameworks.


HAVEn is an open platform, that's why Hadoop is in there. It stores data from virtually any source. The other HAVEn analytics engines add specialized analytics on top of Hadoop's data lake.

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HP Reference Architecture for Cloudera Enterprise
HP IDOL for Hadoop is designed to make Hadoop data come alive


With 400+ connectors and access to hundreds of content repositories, HP IDOL from Autonomy provides seamless access to and understanding of virtually all forms of human information in real time, including email, text, image, social media, audio, and video securely and at scale, regardless of the data’s location or format. Now you can test-drive IDOL OnDemand web services in your Apps.

Learn more about HP IDOL for HAVEn IDOL OnDemand Early Access Program


Blazing-fast analytics. We're talking about an iterative and conversational approach to analytics. Put them old DBMS books away. Have you heard what Portman and his colleagues at Game Show Network have done with Vertica?

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Enterprise Security

Security breaches are an unfortunate reality. If you're going to churn more analysis out of customer or operational data your potential risk from breach or data theft is even higher. We included ArcSight Logger as the third key HAVEn analytics engine to collect and unify machine data.

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Enterprise Security Solutions Architecture training
Download ArcSight Logger


HAVEn enables you to securely integrate any number (“n”) of applications to enrich, engage, and entertain your users. Here are a few apps we have created... imagine the possibilities.

Operations Analytics

Use Big Data technologies to help solve your IT issues. With highly scalable data collection, embedded HP Vertica, and ArcSight-based analytics capabilities, HP Operations Analytics is a powerful new HAVEn standalone solution for IT operations. Learn about additional IT solutions: Service Anywhere, Analytic Modernization (Accenture).

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Fashion retailer Guess Inc took Vertica to fly through all store and online sales data and built their own app on top to put the info in the hands of their store staff. Forget It, they built an app for their sales teams. We say Big Data needs Big Accessibility.

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Autonomy + Vertica

Our newest HAVEn App is the Digital Marketing Hub. The guys in marketing were struggling to get a 360-degree view of customers. We hooked up Vertica web click stream and CRM analysis to Autonomy So Me analysis and built a tool that shows the total view of an individual customer.

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