HPE Financial Services

Investment options

No matter which technology path you choose, the right investment option is available for you:


If you know you're adding a specific amount of capacity but are concerned about long deployment & internal approval cycles, consider pre-provisioning. Obtain capacity today, and don't start paying until equipment is activated.

Accelerated migration

You can generate the cash you need to invest in cloud by converting your IT equipment from ownership to a flexible usage model.

HP Subscription

A simple monthly payment option that minimizes upfront costs, and regularly provides staff access to the latest technology every 2 or 3 years. At the end-of-term, data from IT assets is securely removed and equipment is recycled according to local standards.


A technology refresh with HP Financial Services means receiving brand new equipment on your terms. Whether it’s a lease, pre-provisioning, or capacity on demand, you can keep your business at the technology forefront, while giving you the competitive edge.


Enhance your hardware investment with the ability to finance both term and enterprise licenses for software offered by HP, and applications that you obtain from other software vendors.


Customize your IT lease term with service options for each stage through migration, implementation, installation, configuration, and ongoing support. We can provide multi-year financing for a more manageable monthly payment schedule.

Mid-term upgrade

Have the opportunity to refresh your company’s technology at any point of its lifecycle—enabling your business to meet increasingly changing demands.


Your IT lifecycle path is unique, and you can’t always wait or budget for the next new server or storage option. Reliable, pre-owned equipment can help maintain your IT lifecycle needs without sacrificing time, money, or progress.


To remain competitive, you cannot be bogged down with long-term IT commitments or interruptions to existing infrastructure. A short-term rental could help prime your company for the next innovation while maintaining a competitive edge.


Let HP purchase your existing IT assets and lease them back to you for an agreed-upon term. With a sale-leaseback, you’ll enjoy a cash infusion, while maintaining the use of your equipment.


1 HPE Financial Services, Internal Research Study, December 2015

Financing and service offerings available through Hewlett-Packard Financial Services Company and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively HPFSC) in certain countries and is subject to credit approval and execution of standard HPFSC documentation. Rates and terms are based on customer’s credit rating, offering types, services and/or equipment type and options. Not all customers may qualify. Not all services or offers are available in all countries. Other restrictions may apply. HPFSC reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time without notice.


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