The meaning behind the words
At HP, we took time to put our own meaning behind the words.


Diversity is the existence of many unique individuals in the workplace, marketplace and community. This includes men and women from different nations, cultures, ethnic groups, generations, backgrounds, skills, abilities and all the other unique differences that make each of us who we are.


Inclusion means a work environment where everyone has an opportunity to fully participate in creating business success and where each person is valued for his or her distinctive skills, experiences and perspectives. Inclusion is also about creating a global community where HP connects everyone and everything through our products, services and our winning workforce.

Work/life navigation

Each of us has different needs. As a company, we are committed to developing work/life skills, providing tools, resources and a supportive environment for all our employees. At HP, employees work with their managers to make choices that assist them in navigating their work and personal life challenges while meeting the business needs of the organization. This kind of reciprocal partnership with employees and a flexible work environment has been a hallmark of HP's business success.