Origins film examines HP’s values

The story of Bill Hewlett, Dave Packard and the early days of Hewlett-Packard is the beating heart of the Silicon Valley phenomenon. Their legacy of leadership and success continues to inspire and influence the ongoing saga of technology.

Origins, a documentary commissioned by HP, takes a look back on the founders and the values behind the viral business model that spread beyond geographical boundaries and seeded generations of Silicon Valley start-ups.

Examining Origins

Seamlessly merging photographs, oral histories and film footage with more recently filmed interviews of former managers, employees and company watchers, the meticulously researched Origins is an honest, affectionate look at the convictions that helped to create Silicon Valley and the ever-evolving quest for excellence.

Documenting the journey from Addison Avenue start-up to industry icon, Origins draws upon materials preserved in the HP Corporate Archives and the direct experience of those who watched and worked with the founders.

Unfolding through the words of colleagues, contemporaries and admirers of Bill, Dave and the HP Way, the film captures a straightforward, yet warm and humorous portrait of the founders, occasionally stopping along the way to disentangle myth from fact.

Origins focuses on Bill and Dave’s philosophy of business — one centered on a deep respect for people and an acknowledgement of their built-in desire to do a good job. This “golden rule” approach evolved into informal, decentralized management and relaxed, collegial communication styles that became known as “management by walking around” (MBWA).

Emmy-award-winning documentary filmmaker Robby Kenner was chosen from a diverse field to direct Origins. Known for his passionate, engaging and accurate work, Kenner ’s previous films include episodes of the Public Broadcasting System’s (PBS) highly acclaimed American Experience series.