Information for students
Information restrictions
HP would like to be able to provide information to everyone who seeks it, but unfortunately we're limited by both business and legal restrictions about what we can disclose.

In addition, time constraints prevent HP executives, managers or any other HP employees from granting interviews to members of the public and from participating in academic surveys, either oral or written.

Still, a good deal of helpful HP information is available. Please read our frequently asked questions or view the list of resources on our Student Information page to find out more. The list below also includes suggestions for places to find public information available on the web site.

Types of information that cannot be made available to people outside of HP include:

Nonpublic product details
We cannot reveal internal details regarding existing, new or proposed products or processes. Public product information is available online.
HP cannot disclose nonpublic consolidated financial information, production and overhead costs, profit margins, bids, sales forecasts, sales and order volumes prior to quarterly release, budgets, quotas and targets, information on a particular product's sales, orders or projections. The HP annual report is available online as is information on quarterly results and SEC filings. Several other financial documents may also be ordered online.
HP does not disclose product-introduction plans and dates; short- and long-term market strategy or customer lists; sales, marketing and pricing plans; information about market share, market strategy or marketing plans other than what has been publicly discussed in press releases or otherwise publicized. We do not make HP promotional items available. Visit the online HP Company Store if you'd like to purchase HP logo merchandise. You can also see HP ad campaigns online.
Research and development
HP cannot reveal technical and performance specifications, lab notebooks, product plans, projects in progress, project problems or product code names. To view public research documents, please visit the research and technical reports sections on the HP Labs site.
We do not reveal vendor names/relationships, manufacturing-operations data, production and inventory levels, future plans and sites, material cost or product failure rates, or process strategies.
Personnel data
Aside from information on executive salaries that is available in HP's 10K filing, HP does not reveal personnel data such as compensation information, ranking and job descriptions, names and titles of employees below the functional-manager level or departmental organization charts. Training manuals, employee handbooks, internal communications or evaluation forms are also not available to the public.
HP does not disclose details about international agreements, expansion or operations other than publicly disclosed information found in press releases on