HP's accessibility policy

HP's accessibility goal is to design, produce and market products and services that can effectively be used by people with disabilities. To that end, HP has established a companywide policy with seven key objectives to guide its accessibility efforts.

Hewlett-Packard company's accessibility policy

HP is committed to providing products and services that are accessible for people with disabilities. This commitment supports our company's diversity objectives and helps us ensure that the benefits of technology are available to all.

Our accessibility goal is to design, produce, and market products and services that can effectively be used by everyone, including people with disabilities, either on a stand-alone basis or with appropriate assistive devices.

To achieve our goal, this Accessibility Policy establishes seven key objectives to guide our actions as a company. All HP managers and employees are expected to support these objectives and their implementation in accordance with their roles and responsibilities.

Hewlett-Packard Company is committed to the following:

  • Raising the level of awareness of accessibility issues within our company, and providing our employees with the training they need to design, produce, market and deliver accessible products and services;
  • Developing accessibility guidelines for products and services, and holding product development groups accountable for implementing these guidelines where competitively, technically and economically feasible;
  • Involving people with disabilities in the development of accessibility guidelines, and in the design and testing of products and services;
  • Documenting accessibility features, and making information about our products and services publicly available in an accessible form;
  • Establishing relationships with leading assistive technology and solution providers;
  • Supporting internal and external research and development that will improve the state-of-the-art of assistive technology relevant to our products and services;
  • Supporting and contributing to industry standards and guidelines for accessibility.

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