Case studies

Case Studies show how HP products help with special needs

Students with special needs at Hope Technology thrive using HP TouchSmart PCs.

By using HP TouchSmart PCs, students overcome keyboard obstacles, and have an enriching and productive learning experience. They enjoy using built-in tools like the microphone and webcam and find video, images and natural voice playback easy to manipulate.

HP TouchSmart PC opens opportunities for students with special needs to interact socially (PDF, 739KB)

Nonprofit uses HP products to help millions who are blind or with low vision

Lighthouse International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people who are blind or partially sighted overcome the challenges of vision loss. HP helped them select HP products that fit its budget while maintaining performance and reliability. Business benefits include improved client service, better value for donor dollars, dependable network service, and enhanced research capabilities

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Testimonials show how Assistive Technologies with HP solutions help people succeed

DURATEQ assists Disney guests with hearing and visual disabilities

Disney engineers wanted to develop an assistive device for guests to use at Disney Parks that was easy to carry, could withstand rain and falls onto concrete, and ran all day without the battery running out. They accomplished this by collaborating with HP and Softeq Development Corporation to build the DURATEQ based on the HP iPAQ PDA.

See Softeq PDF for more details (PDF, 739KB)

ViewPlus combines Braille and print

ViewPlus teamed up with HP to combine HP color inkjet printing technology with advanced paper embossing technology to produce raised color text and graphics, making it possible for people who are sighted and visually impaired, or have learning disabilities, to collaborate on the same document, communicate more effectively and develop better comprehension and learning.

See ViewPlus PDF for more details (PDF, 739KB)

Freedom Scientific

Florida-based Freedom Scientific is an HP accessibility partner that develops and manufactures tools that help people who are blind or have low vision to work on the same competitive level with people who have average eyesight. Freedom Scientific products include JAWS®, the world's most popular screen reader, MAGic® screen magnification software, and
OpenBook ® scanning and reading software that converts printed text to human-like speech.

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Designed for people with limited or no motion in their fingers and victims of carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive stress injury, the orbiTouch® Keyless Keyboard uses the power of the hand and arm instead of the fingers to allow you to type. Interoperable with HP products without special programs or drivers, linked to an HP desktop or notebook, it allows people who can’t use traditional keyboards to access computer technology at home and in the workplace.

Read how HP worked with accessibility partner, Keybowl Inc, now Blue Orb, Inc. to make this innovative keyless keyboard (PDF, 739KB)

Did you know?

Over 285 million people in the world are visually impaired, of whom 39 million are blind and 246 million have moderate to severe visual impairment (WHO, 2011).

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