HP 3PAR Storage

Part of HP's portfolio of Converged Infrastructure solutions, HP 3PAR Storage is agile, scalable, and efficient, helping reduce energy use, overhead costs, and equipment needs while meeting the evolving needs of today's virtual and cloud data centers.

HP 3PAR Storage is designed to be highly efficient in every way, consolidating hundreds or thousands of virtual machines on a single storage system. This allows enterprises to meet their business needs with at least 50% less capacity guaranteed.1 It can also reduce storage administration time by as much as 90%.2 With fewer disks to power and cool, less equipment to house, and less hardware to downcycle at end of life, HP 3PAR Storage is an excellent foundation for energy-efficient data initiatives.

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1Based on documented experiences and business results of HP 3PAR Storage in client deployments.

2 Based on documented client results obtained through using HP 3PAR Thin Provisioning Software and which are subject to unique business conditions, client IT environment, HP products deployed, and other factors. These results may not be typical; individual results may vary.