HP Data Center Facilities Consulting

HP Data Center Facilities Consulting (DCF) provides customers with strategic consulting, design-build, and operational assurance expertise to create new facilities and upgrade existing data centers. DCF has designed more than 65 million square feet of data centers worldwide. Through Energy Efficiency Analysis, DCF compares customers’ energy efficiency to industry best practices and recommends improvements. DCF also helps customers achieve prominent energy-efficiency certifications such as LEED and ENERGY STAR®. As of December 2013, our team had designed more than 50% of all LEED Platinum- and LEED Gold-certified new construction data centers worldwide.1 For example, we helped the University of Iowa to design and build the first LEED Platinum educational institution data center.

Instead of building large facilities in anticipation of future demand, we develop “flexible facilities” that help customers plan and manage data center growth. Using modular data center design principles and solutions, DCF helps customers to build only what is needed today and expand the facility in stages, so that size and load capacity always closely match demand. This approach uses capital more efficiently, decreases energy costs, and reduces GHG emissions. It also allows customers to take advantage of technology innovations that reduce or eliminate the need for more data center space in the future. See Servers, storage, and networking.

Designing data centers in this way—what we term the HP Flexible Data Center, or FlexibleDC—requires us to take a holistic approach and consider environmental impacts across the entire data center life cycle. Optimizing the interaction between IT equipment and the overall data center involves partnership between the facilities and IT organizations and leads to environmental efficiencies and cost savings that neither could achieve alone.

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1 Based on U.S. Green Building Council and HP data.

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