HP EcoPOD data center

The HP POD 240a—also known as the HP EcoPOD—is a self-contained, modular, ultra-efficient data center that uses a fraction of the energy of traditional brick-and-mortar data centers while achieving 10 times the information technology (IT) capacity.

Built to satisfy the complex demands of data center infrastructure, the EcoPOD does more with less. A typical brick-and-mortar data center is often overprovisioned and underutilized, powering 100% of its resources, while using far less. The EcoPOD's modular design, by contrast, helps enterprises quickly and efficiently expand data center capacity. The EcoPOD has the capacity for 44 industry-standard racks, up to 4,400 servers, and 44 kilowatt per 50U rack—the equivalent of just less than 9,000 square feet of traditional data center IT in a 900-square-foot package.2

The EcoPOD also reduces power usage and costs compared with traditional data centers. HP's self-compensating Adaptive Cooling technology helps the EcoPOD use 95% less facilities energy compared to legacy data center designs while still maintaining peak performance.1 Companies can also shave up to 75% off the cost of building a new data center3 thanks to the EcoPOD's modular architecture, which saves in real estate, construction, installation, maintenance, and operations. Also, the EcoPOD can be deployed in as few as 12 weeks, up to 88% faster than traditional data centers.4

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1 New POD technology from HP offers 95% greater energy efficiency compared with a traditional brick-and-mortar data center, based on internal HP testing.

2 Values based on 1.3 megawatt of IT load at 5 kilowatt per rack where one rack equals 32 square feet; there are an estimated 260 racks in a traditional data center.

3 Brick-and-mortar data center construction per watt cost estimate based on Uptime Institute–"Cost Model, dollars per kW plus dollars per square foot of computer floor," Turner & Brill, 2010 compared to an estimated per watt cost estimate for HP POD 240a including UPS and Generators (configured as 2N for power and N+1 for cooling) and installation.

4 Typical monolithic data center planning, construction, and deployment takes up to 24 months. While for the HP POD 240a, it is a total of 12 weeks—may vary depending on volume, configuration, and customer location.