HP Managed Print Services

HP Managed Print Services (MPS) enables organizations to reduce energy use and paper waste, and to cut costs related to printing.

With MPS, HP helps customers assess their requirements, design an imaging and printing infrastructure tailored to their specific needs, and then acquire, install, and manage the necessary equipment. MPS is a comprehensive, scalable suite of services that includes imaging and printing devices, software, supplies, support, professional services, and solutions—with flexible procurement, transition, and management options to help companies meet their business and environmental goals.

In addition, MPS can help customers achieve more efficient workflows and increase recycling of used print supplies and old hardware. Pre- and post-analysis of select HP MPS customers' imaging and printing operations reveals energy savings of up to 80%, and reductions in paper waste in the millions of pages.1

The Walt Disney Company worked with HP to develop its Document Output Management Program using HP MPS. Disney reduced the number of printing devices by 59%. As a result, Disney reported that its energy consumption for printing dropped by 18% and avoided an estimated 185 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions over 3 years. To learn more, read the Disney case study.

Energy and cost reduction success studies using HP Managed Print Services

  • 3M optimized its worldwide printing structure and saved more than $3M.
  • Viacom slashed energy use for printing by 62.5%.
  • Swiss Post reduced 17,000 printers to 6,000 and from 140 models to just six.
  • Merck takes its successful solution worldwide to create a prescription for the future with print efficiency and environmental stewardship.


As part of our HP MPS portfolio, HP offers the HP Eco Printing Assessment for businesses interested in quantifying and reducing the energy consumption, wasted paper, and greenhouse gas emissions from imaging and printing. After analyzing a representative sample of a customer's printing environment, HP then recommends best practices and identifies a road map of recommended changes, helping customers reduce costs and save resources.

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1 Estimated energy and paper savings based on analysis of select HP Managed Print Services customers' imaging and printing operations using data gathered on devices and paper consumption, and comparing with post-MPS actuals or projections.