HP Managed Print Services

Through HP Managed Print Services (MPS), we are taking steps towards the “circular economy” with a product-as-a-service business model. MPS provides a customizable set of solutions including imaging and printing devices, network print management software, supplies (including paper), support, professional services, and document workflow management. MPS also offers recycling for printing supplies and end-of-life management for hardware. It helps businesses optimize their imaging and printing infrastructure, with typical savings of 10–30% in printing costs, millions of pages in reduced paper waste, and typical reductions in energy usage of 20–40%.1

Moving sustainability from awareness to action is where many organizations, like yours, are headed. Efforts such as recycling and reducing paper consumption offer a step in the right direction, but true sustainability means reevaluating business practices and driving real change.

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1 Estimated energy and paper savings based on analysis of select HP Managed Print Services customers’ imaging and printing operations using data gathered on devices and paper consumption and comparing with post-MPS actuals or projections. Results depend on unique business environments, the way HP products and services are used, and other factors. Overall printing costs are unique to each company and should not be relied on for savings you may achieve.

HP Managed Print Services


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HP Managed Print Services