HP ProCurve

HP ProCurve networking products, including network management and switches, complement energy-efficient servers to save even more energy than before.

Designing energy-efficient products is only the first step in helping customers address their information technology and networking needs. To reduce the energy consumption of facilities, it is important to remotely manage and control the power delivery to endpoints in the network.

With HP ProCurve Manager Plus, users can schedule idle devices to shut off when they are not in use, for up to 73% in energy savings.

HP ProCurve networking switches, which connect network segments and route data, may also help customers reduce their energy consumption.

Miercom, a leading independent test lab, awarded several HP ProCurve switches the Miercom Green certification. Miercom recognized the HP switches for their energy efficiency and design, which minimize environmental impact. Comparing how many watts the switch consumes with the throughput it delivers, Miercom found that all eight ProCurve switches it analyzed performed better than the industry average. The HP ProCurve Switch 5406zl delivered the best energy performance with up to 45% savings.

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