HP Thermal Logic

Enterprises are looking for solutions to make the most of their existing infrastructure while reducing costs. So what's the solution when a company needs to add more servers to a data center with already limited power and cooling capacity?

HP Thermal Logic is a portfolio of technologies embedded in HP ProLiant G7 and Gen8 servers. They can help triple data center power and cooling capacity, and reduce server energy use by up to 25% over previous-generation servers. For a 1-megawatt data center, that's an estimated yearly savings of up to $300,000 USD.1 It offers information technology (IT) managers the ability to see exactly how and where they're using power at the data center level.

HP Thermal Logic innovations include the use of up to 32 onboard sensors to adjust fan speeds based on changing temperatures; Dynamic Power Capping, which allows for three times the number of servers per rack by dynamically reallocating energy resources;1 and Intelligent Power Discovery, which automatically maps new HP servers and delivers higher precision, control, and automation to power distribution.

HP Thermal Logic also features Insight Control Suite management software, which makes it easy to track and finely tune server energy use. By tracking power usage at the data center level, IT managers can precisely track energy consumption and take clear steps to enhance performance.

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1 HP Performance Engineering Team, 2008 research. Actual results may vary.