Individual producer responsibility

HP accepts the principle that all manufacturers share, with governments and customers, the responsibility for treating electronic products in an environmentally responsible manner at the end of their useful life and believes that it is the responsibility of consumers to discard their electronic waste appropriately, the responsibility of government to provide adequate collection/drop off facilities for end of life products and the responsibility of manufacturers to manage the treatment and recycling of their products.

Within this model of shared responsibility, manufacturers must provide for the recycling of their products, and have an option to do this collectively or individually. In this regard, HP supports the concept of Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) in e-waste legislation, an approach that makes producers responsible for recycling their own products once they have been collected. 

HP continues its support and work with governments as they develop responsible legislation and directives for proper end-of-life management of products. HP has supported an individual producer responsibility approach in the development of the EU WEEE directive; in finalized and proposed legislation in North America(California, Maine, Oregon, Washington, US Federal and Canada), Asia including China, Australia and New Zealand and many other countries, states and provinces.

Some of the HP IPR initiatives include:

  • Campaigning in Europe to ensure that IPR is properly transposed into Member State legislation, and that there are no disadvantages for producers choosing to comply using IPR.
  • Campaigned in California for IPR in the SB20/SB50 legislation.
  • HP is a signatory on a statement to urge the EU institutions and the Member States to ensure that IPR is correctly transposed and implemented in national legislation.
  • HP continues to support IPR in conferences and seminars, within Trade Associations and policy making.
  • HP continues to advocate the inclusion of IPR in the National Industry IT equipment recycling schemes in Australia and New Zealand.