ProLiant Gen8 servers

Our latest generation of ProLiant Gen8 servers offers increased processing power while using less energy and space than typical server environments, reducing the carbon footprint of large-scale computing. For example, our highly efficient ProLiant Gen8 servers consume 10% less energy and achieve 1.7 times the computing power per watt compared to HP ProLiant Gen7 servers and are more than 90% recyclable by weight1.

HP ProLiant Gen8 servers build on the G7's efficiency achievements with new and updated technologies that automate every aspect of the server life cycle, representing a dramatic step forward in data center self-sufficiency to meet the challenges of the cloud era.

The server's HP ProActive Insight architecture works with Thermal Logic to closely monitor the thermal demand, power consumption, and exact location of each server and server rack, and then adjust the server's power and cooling levels accordingly.

The HP ProLiant Gen8 features the new HP 3-D Sea of Sensors, an industry-first technology that identifies overused servers, increasing computing capacity by 70% per watt of energy.2 The HP 3-D Sea of Sensors also automates energy efficiency while eliminating manual configuration and inventory process errors.

HP ProLiant Gen8 servers can be configured to order.

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1 Using the HP Recyclability Assessment Tool. Not all locations have suitable recycling infrastructure to recycle all materials used in HP products.

2 HP internal comparison HP ProLiant G7 to HP ProLiant Gen8.