PSDS: HP digital projector lamps and printer lamps

On-line access to product safety information is available for the digital projector lamps and printer lamps listed here. To view or print the PDF files below, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Acrobat Reader is a free plug-in. You can download the latest version or download a version with accessibility features.

Path # Description Product Compatibility
Fusion Microwave Ultraviolet Light Bulb

HP Scitex XP2100, HP Scitex XP2300, HP Scitex XP2750, HP Scitex XP5100, HP Scitex XP5300 from 2011, HP Scitex FB6050, HP Scitex FB6100 Printers, HP Scitex XP2700
Fusion Microwave Ultraviolet Light Bulb
HP Scitex XP5300 until 2011
Compaq High Pressure Mercury Discharge Lamp Compaq Projectors
UV Discharge Lamp (EU version; Dutch version; U.S. version)

HP Scitex FB7500, HP Scitex TJ8500, HP Scitex TJ8550, HP Scitex TJ8600 Printers

UV Discharge Lamp
HP Scitex FB500, HP Scitex FB700, HP Scitex FB910, HP Scitex FB950, HP Designjet H series Printers
L1515A Digital Projector Lamp sb21 Digital Projector
L1516A Digital Projector Lamp xb31 Digital Projector
L1582A Digital Projector Lamp xp8010 series Digital Projector
L1709A Digital Projector Lamp vp6100 Digital Projector
L1720A Digital Projector Lamp mp3130 series Digital Projector
L1731A Digital Projector Lamp ep7100, ep9010 and vp6300 series Digital Projector
L2114A Digital Projector Lamp
md5020, md5080, md5220, md5880, md6580 and ID5220N microdisplay TV