TouchSmart and Omni All-in-One PCs

Designed with the environment in mind, HP TouchSmart and Omni All-in-One PCs feature HP power management technology, which reduces energy use by up to 45%.1 In fact, if only 10% of the desktops and associated monitors sold in 2005 were recycled and replaced with HP TouchSmart 610 PCs, more than 3.1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) would be avoided in the first year, which is equal to removing 596,000 passenger vehicles from the road for one year.2

Most HP TouchSmart and Omni PCs are ENERGY STAR® qualified and EPEAT® Silver registered in the United States and Canada.3 Plus, HP TouchSmart PCs include mercury- and arsenic-free LED backlit displays.4

All HP TouchSmart and Omni PCs are low halogen and are shipped on a 100% SmartWay-compliant carrier network in the United States and Canada. The HP TouchSmart 320, 420, 520, and 610 and Omni 220 ship in packaging that is 100% recyclable.5

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1 Power calculations and cost calculations are estimates. Results will vary based on variables, which include information provided by the user, time PC is in different power states (on, standby, hibernate, off), time PC is on battery or AC, hardware configuration, variable electricity rates, and utilities provider. HP advises customers to use information reported by HP Power Assistant for reference only and to validate impact in their environment. Environmental calculations were based on U.S. EPA eGrid 2007 data found at . Regional results will vary. Requires Microsoft® Windows®.

2 HP compared the energy consumption of comparable HP products in 2005 with our latest models for each category of products, including the HP TouchSmart 610 series PCs. Estimations of the energy consumption of 2005 products were done by using worldwide IDC shipped volumes, HP products, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR® program ( product averages, and the typical energy consumption (TEC) method. The energy costs are based on U.S. Department of Energy data (, and actual results may vary.

3 Find EPEAT® registered HP TouchSmart & Omni PC models at:

4 Arsenic and its compounds were not detected using US EPA Test Methods 3052 and 3052/6010b by ICP or ICP-AES. The Omni 120 is not using mercury-free displays.

5 In North America, excluding custom-to-order configurations.