Wynyard data center

Data centers can be the single largest source of electrical power consumption and associated carbon emissions for corporations. On average, traditional data centers consume several thousand megawatt hours per year.

But an innovative new facility in Wynyard, United Kingdom, designed and managed by HP, has moved data centers forward by leaps and bounds. Built with energy efficiency as a primary consideration, the Wynyard data center takes advantage of the climate in Northern England to cool IT equipment, allowing the facility to go without air conditioning most of the year. Other design innovations and efficient HP technologies help save even more energy and resources. For example, the facility collects rain from the data center rooftop and uses it for the humidification process, while the white-painted walls and server racks reduce the need for lighting.

As a result, the Wynyard data center is expected to reduce energy consumption by 40% versus comparable data centers of its size. The data center also uses 100% wind-sourced energy, helping reduce its carbon footprint. In a typical year, the facility is expected to produce 8,770 tonnes of carbon dioxide related to energy use—roughly half of what a standard data center would produce.

Wynyard was selected as a winner of a prestigious 2010 Green Enterprise IT Award, presented by the Uptime Institute, and it received a 2011 International Green Award for Best Green Energy Efficiency Initiative.

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