Letter from CEO Meg Whitman

We are committed to advancing the overall health and well-being of people, helping businesses and economies thrive, and strengthening the environment

"HP Living Progress is our framework for thinking about how we do business. It’s the way we integrate sustainability into our business strategy, building on a commitment we articulated in our company objectives in 1957 and have reaffirmed every year since.

We consider human, economic, and environmental impacts across our entire value chain as we develop our products, services, and solutions, manage our operations, and drive interactions with our customers, partners, and communities. As you explore this year’s Living Progress Report, you will see many examples of how our actions and innovations are helping solve some of the world’s most complex challenges.

I’m incredibly proud of our accomplishments, and even more excited for the opportunities ahead as we separate into two new companies—Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc. Both companies will share a proud legacy and an unwavering commitment to sustainability and community.

Please enjoy the report and continue to follow our progress as we work to create a better future for everyone."


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Meg Whitman,
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hewlett-Packard