Social investment

Business and technology have an essential role to play in addressing 21st-century challenges such as meeting the health and educational needs of a growing population, ensuring economic stability and growth, and contributing to environmental sustainability. As a leading technology company operating in countries worldwide, we bring together the right partners to better understand complex global and local problems and develop effective, sustainable solutions.

The total value of our social investments, including contributions from us and the
Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation plus the valuation of employee volunteer hours, equaled $135.3 million in 2013.

Our approach

Our employees drive our social investment activities, which extend far beyond one-off financial contributions. Through our focus on volunteering and partnerships, we share skills and knowledge from within our company for greater, more sustainable benefit. We concentrate our efforts through Living Progress initiatives in the three areas where we can make the biggest impact.

Human progress—advancing the overall health and
well-being of people

We use cutting-edge technology to bring healthcare and medical expertise directly to the communities that need it most. We believe that technology can transform access to care as well as quality and affordability, and we collaborate with governments, nonprofits, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and other private sector firms to accelerate the transformation of the health sector. For example, using cloud-based information and
data-sharing systems, eHealth Centers connect physicians and other primary healthcare providers to citizens and patients in communities that are underserved or lack access to the necessary specialists.

Economic progress—helping businesses and economies thrive

We provide people with opportunities to learn essential business and IT skills, empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs to succeed in a global economy. For example, HP LIFE e-Learning uses our innovative cloud-based technology, enabling millions of entrepreneurs and students to establish and grow their own businesses, create jobs, and help communities thrive. We extend the reach of HP LIFE e-Learning with partners such as the Education Development Center Inc., United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship.

Environmental progress—making the environment stronger as we grow

We apply our innovation and technology capabilities to analyze environmental problems holistically, and create a more sustainable world with our solutions. For example, HP Earth Insights, an innovative collaboration with Conservation International, uses the power of big data analytics to deliver new insights about biodiversity loss in our tropical forests, enabling better decision making to protect people, species, habitats, and economies.


Collaboration is core to our approach to social investment, based on a common understanding of the strengths, capabilities, and contributions of all partners, as well as shared expectations of what will be achieved and how. Our Living Progress initiatives often begin as pilot programs, and we use this experience to scale them in a sustainable manner. Doing so requires the long-term commitment and cooperation of multiple organizations working in partnership, including governments, NGOs, academic institutions, customers, thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, and industry peers. Our employees’ contribution— time, money, and expertise— is also essential to these activities.


Tools and funding alone don't solve problems. People do. Our grants programs reward innovation and ambition, creating long-term benefits for communities.


In 2013, our community engagement programs received the Corporate Excellence Award from Points of Light. We were also recognized by Bloomberg’s Civic 50 as the Most Civically Minded Tech Company, as well as the industry leader in measuring social investment impact. Our work with the Clinton Health Access Initiative received the Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Award for the best business/NGO partnership.

For more information on our social investment, see our 2013 Living Progress Report.