HP contributes to economies worldwide. Our full economic impact results both from our financial transactions along with the value we create across the wider economy:

  • Direct impacts include customer sales as well as employee salaries, supplier and tax payments, shareholder dividends, and social investments.
  • Indirect impacts occur when the money we spend circulates through the economy, for example when employees, suppliers, and investors spend their earnings from HP. In addition, HP products and solutions may help make businesses and other organizations more efficient and profitable

Performance in fiscal year 2012

The table below summarizes our direct and indirect economic impacts on our main stakeholder groups during fiscal year 2012 (FY12). The data dashboard summarizes HP's economic performance. For more details, please see our financial statements, interactive stock chart and annual report and 10-K.

Group Direct economic impacts in FY12 Indirect economic impacts in FY12
Suppliers HP made purchases from more than 1,000 production suppliers (defined as suppliers that provide materials for our products) and tens of thousands of nonproduction suppliers worldwide. Our spending continued to support employment in supplier companies. Suppliers and their workers in turn pay taxes and support local economies, and suppliers may pay dividends to their investors.
Employees HP provided compensation and benefits to approximately 331,800 employees worldwide.* HP's employees pay taxes and generate further economic activity by spending some of the money they earn.
Customers HP's net revenue was $120 billion USD. We continued to help customers improve productivity and reduce their environmental impact by offering reliable, high-quality products and services. For business customers, this may increase the jobs they create and taxes they pay. Customers can save money through improved energy efficiency of our products and services.
Sales, marketing, and distribution partners HP helped create business for sales and service partners worldwide. Our partners' commercial relationships with HP can contribute to their growth.
Local, state, and national governments HP paid net cash income taxes of $1.75 billion USD. Taxes paid help enable government spending and programs.
Investors HP paid $1.015 million USD in dividends to shareholders. Investors may pay taxes on dividends.

*As of October 31, 2012.