HP's General Specification for the Environment (GSE)

HP's General Specification for the Environment (GSE) defines HP's global product environmental requirements that include substances and materials restrictions; substance disclosures; packaging and labeling; product labeling, user documentation, declarations, registration, and product performance requirements.

Standards and specifications referenced in the GSE that are available on the HP Supplier Portal (registration required):

  • HP Standard 011-01A GSE Substances and Materials Future Requirements (new in 2014)
  • HP Standard 011-01B GSE Substances and Materials Business-Specified Requirements (new in 2014)
  • HP Standard 011-04 GSE Product Requirements
  • HP Standard 011-05 GSE – Substance Disclosure Requirements (new in 2014)
  • HP Standard 014-02 Supplier Requirements for Safe and Legal Products
  • HP Active Verification Materials Testing Specification
  • 5951-1741-1, Plastic Part Marking Algorithm Standard
  • EL-EN891-01, Japanese Material Content Declaration
  • EL-EN891-02, Energy-using Products - Standby and Off Mode Energy Efficiency
    Test Report
  • EL-EN891-03, Energy-using Products - Single Voltage External Power Supply Energy Efficiency Test
  • EL-EN891-07, Mexico Energy Labeling Regulation Worksheet for Hewlett-Packard
  • EL-MF877-00, Product End of Life Disassembly Instructions
  • Label Artwork
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