We are trusted 22 countries and regions sought and received advice from us on data and privacy regulation in 2013

You increasingly rely on information technology (IT) to manage your daily life and expect your personal information to be protected. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers while delivering on the promise of a data-rich society.

We endeavor to go beyond legal obligations to safeguard personal information and follow rigorous policies and procedures to secure customer data.

Our Privacy Office also collaborates with governments and industry groups to address the challenges to privacy protection posed by the rapid growth of big data. We advocate globally for consistent, compatible privacy frameworks and share best practices with our peers, governments, and other stakeholders.

Open approach

Our privacy strategy is based on providing transparency and choice to our customers. We create a chain of accountability for data privacy and security throughout our business and apply Privacy by Design External site in developing our products.

Assessing and managing the risks associated with collecting and handling vast quantities of personal data is a complex task. In response, we developed the comprehensive HP Privacy Accountability Framework (see graphic). This framework helps us go beyond minimum legal requirements, meet customer expectations and ensure transparency in our practices. It takes into account our company values, ethical considerations, contractual agreements, and local cultures.

The high level, company-wide HP Privacy and Data Protection Board (PDPB) oversees privacy risk management and mitigation, meeting every quarter.

HP privacy accountability framework

Customer queries and concerns

Our Privacy Assurance program ensures that all relevant business units follow our privacy policies and develop remediation plans when problems arise. Employees and customers can contact our Privacy Office in more than 30 languages with queries or concerns, which are handled promptly. In 2013, the Privacy Office dealt with than 7,000 inquiries, most from users managing their privacy preferences.

As part of our commitment to accountability, we enlist organizations such as TRUSTe and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to track our compliance with our privacy policy and provide dispute-resolution services when customers raise data privacy concerns. In 2013, there were no substantiated complaints against us regarding breaches of customer privacy or loss of customer data.

Privacy training and tools

Upholding our privacy commitments depends on every employee. Permanent employees must complete privacy training as part of our Standards of Business Conduct annual refresher course.

We use tools and resources to provide our global customers with products and services that meet the highest privacy standards. The HP Privacy Advisor questionnaire helps employees assess products for compliance. Through HP Labs, our scientists and Privacy Office work with outside partners to develop new approaches to privacy protection. For example, HP Labs leads the international Cloud Accountability Project (A4Cloud).

Global engagement

Our Privacy Office works with government agencies, lawmakers, regulators, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and industry groups to encourage a more unified and robust approach to privacy regulation worldwide. We advocate for privacy legislation that is consistent, reliable, transparent, and works for IT today. While some variation by country is inevitable, we support more global interoperability of privacy regulations. For more on our recent engagement efforts in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe see our 2013 Living Progress Report.

For more information about our commitment to privacy, read the HP Global Master Privacy Policy.