HP is among the most trusted companies More than 99% of permanent employees completed privacy training in 2012

People rely on information technology (IT) to manage many aspects of their daily lives. When they use IT, they expect their privacy and personal information to be protected. HP takes this responsibility to our customers very seriously. In the age of the Internet, protecting privacy can be a challenge. The ubiquitous use of personal information makes products and services more personalized, convenient, efficient, and widely available. However, it also makes personal information vulnerable to misuse.

Many privacy laws were created before the widespread use of the Internet, and regulators are struggling to keep pace with emerging technologies. HP is closely involved with governments and regulators worldwide to shape new privacy policies and frameworks. We support global interoperability between regional frameworks, such as European Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) and APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR), and encourage collaboration between nations and regions to promote relevant, well-defined, and principles-based approaches.

HP strives to be the benchmark of trusted companies for balancing robust use of information while protecting the legitimate rights and interests of data subjects. We use accountability and social responsibility as the framework for addressing new challenges to privacy and we embed this concept in our processes, products, and services. This approach, supported by training and auditing, ensures compliance with our privacy policies and commitments, including HP's Global Master Privacy Policy. As a pioneer of the accountability methodology, we continually anticipate and adjust to regulatory changes, new technologies and business models, and emerging consumer expectations.

Dr. Larry Ponemon
Ponemon Institute
For nearly a decade, Ponemon Institute research has shown HP as one of the most trusted companies throughout the world for privacy and the protection of personal information.
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HP's privacy strategy is based on providing transparency and choice to our customers. We create a chain of accountability for data privacy and security throughout our business and apply Privacy by Design External site in the product development process.

The HP Privacy Accountability Framework represents our comprehensive approach to helping employees assess and manage the risks associated with collecting and handling personal data. This helps us meet customer expectations and ensures transparency in our practices. The framework goes beyond legal requirements and also takes into account our company values, ethical considerations, contractual agreements, and local cultures. HP continues to pioneer and advocate accountability in new regulatory models worldwide to address new challenges.

HP privacy accountability framework

HP teams work together to implement and monitor our privacy program. In 2012, more than 99% of permanent employees completed privacy training as part of our required Standards of Business Conduct course, which now includes an HP Privacy Advisor (HPPA) module. Employee in functions that routinely handle personal information, such as human resources, marketing, and client services, receive additional privacy training specific to their role.

Since 2008, our Privacy Office has worked with international regulators and industry groups through the Centre for Information Policy Leadership External site on a multiyear project to define what it means for a company to be accountable for its privacy practices.

The first three phases of this work identified the essential elements of accountability, defined ways to measure accountability, and developed the governance model that companies should adopt to implement accountability in the marketplace. In 2012, the fourth phase, sponsored by the EU Data Protection Supervisor's Office, focused on the specific components of a comprehensive program that companies need to establish and how to demonstrate the capacity of that program to external parties. This work continues with a focus on accountability as a foundation for global interoperability.

For more information about our commitment to privacy, read the HP Global Master Privacy Policy.

Daniel Pradelles
HP employee since 1979
With the advent of technologies such as cloud computing, social media, e-commerce, cookies, and smart mobile devices, issues surrounding privacy and data protection matter now more than ever. HP's rigorous data privacy programs and practices are evidenced by, among other recognition, the acceptance of its Binding Corporate Rules by the European Data Protection Authorities.
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For complete information regarding HP's approach to privacy, please refer to our 2012 Global Citizenship Report. We also provide data and goals information for all of our Global Citizenship efforts in the Data Dashboard.