Supplier SER requirements

The following Supplier social and environmental responsibility (SER) requirements apply to any Supplier doing business with HP, and are part of any contract with an HP legal entity that obligates a Supplier to comply with HP's SER requirements or policies, including the Supplier Code of Conduct. For purposes of this section, the term "Supplier" refers to any party who provides goods or services for HP's internal use or in connection with a product that is sold, provided, or marketed by HP.

Supplier represents and warrants that it will:

  1. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations and require their suppliers to do the same (including labor agencies)
  2. Read and understand HP's Supply Chain Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy
  3. Read and understand HP’s Supplier Code of Conduct (also known as HP’s Electronic Industry Code of Conduct or HP EICC Code of Conduct), HP’s Student and Dispatch Worker Standard for Supplier Facilities in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and HP's Supply Chain Foreign Migrant Worker Standard, as applicable.
  4. Comply with applicable environmental specifications and requirements set forth in HP's General Specification for the Environment

Promptly upon request by HP, Supplier agrees that it will:

  1. Review and sign HP's Supplier Social and Environmental Responsibility Agreement
  2. Complete a Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  3. Obtain HP's review and feedback of the Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire and create an improvement plan with defined timeline and metrics
  4. Cooperate in periodic on-site audits and assessments
  5. Provide clear and accurate reporting to HP

Instructions to complete and submit the online Supplier
Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

If requested by HP, access the EICC-ON platform using the instructions provided with the invitation. Register the appropriate facility/corporate information and complete your SAQ. Within the platform, please share your SAQ with HP by granting access rights.

Further instructions are available in the online EICC-ON tool.

End of Supplier SER Requirements. Please see below for additional information concerning HP's SER Program Policies and Standards.

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