Government Relations

We advocate for laws and regulations that unleash the next waves of technology innovation

At HP, we recognize the potential of new technology to transform economies by fostering creative new industries, blending the physical and digital worlds, revolutionizing manufacturing and improving society with better access to healthcare and education. The appropriate policy environment allows exciting technologies to flourish.

As a global technology leader, HP brings a unique perspective to influence public policies that encourage innovation, job creation and economic growth in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We share our deep industry knowledge and expertise with government officials and regulators to shape effective policies in areas including, but not limited to, intellectual property, innovation, sustainability, compliance and social responsibility, market access and taxation.

Policy priorities

Our public policy work focuses on the following key areas critical to our business:

  • Intellectual property rights: We seek to protect our intellectual property, R&D investments and customers by eliminating counterfeit products, supporting balanced patent reform in the U.S. and advocating for alternatives to copyright levies.
  • Innovation: We promote policies that enable innovative technologies to spur economic growth, improve education and healthcare, enhance cybersecurity and provide robust privacy and data protection.
  • Sustainability, compliance and social responsibility: We encourage responsible, consistent legislation and reporting on e-waste/takeback and safer materials use, promote harmonized eco-design regulations, and lead industry efforts to promote responsible supply chain management.
  • Market access - We support open markets for IT goods and services to drive global innovation, by promoting international standards and advancing trade agreements.
  • Tax and economic incentives: We advocate for tax policies and economic incentives that encourage innovation, growth, and job creation, through efforts on U.S. tax reform and international tax issues.


Our involvement in global public policy and the political process builds on a strong history of engagement. Government interactions remain important to our company to help shape policy environments where innovation thrives.

Our in-house government relations team leads our public policy engagement, working directly with government officials and policy makers on draft legislation and policies that impact our business. We retain external consultants as needed. In addition, the government relations team engages with national and international trade associations to collaborate with others in the private sector.

We conduct our work with integrity, in compliance with all applicable national and international laws, as well as our own strict Standards of Business Conduct and core values.