2012 Social Innovation Relay winner

Social Innovation Relay

A team of students from South Africa won the 2012 Social Innovation Relay. Team members included, from left to right, Kgotso Mothoa, Tessy Odiley, Siphesihle Madlala and Lebogang Ledwaba.

Emulsified Environmentalists, a team of students from South Africa, won the competition with a concept for a solar-powered lamp that will bring electricity to poor people, while also eliminating the environmental and health damage caused by traditional kerosene lamps.

Working with an HP mentor, the team developed their concept in response to the problems of electricity shortages and growing respiratory problems in South Africa. Teams from China and Slovakia were runners-up.

We've had so much fun coming up with a business concept that can actually make a positive change in the world. Working with our HP mentor and competing with students around the world has been really cool, and we're really excited to begin working with investors and business leaders to bring our solar-powered lamp to market.

Emulsified Environmentalists

"The HP mentoring was an important part of the competition because it helped us to think critically and broaden our perspective of our idea," said one team member. "It also allowed us to develop self-confidence and improve our presentation skills as well as our ability to interact with our peers."

"Working with the JA students has been a very inspirational experience," says HP employee Simone Tregurtha. "I am amazed at how passionate they are about what they do, and it was great to watch them grow through the experience. I am so proud of the team for the effort and dedication they demonstrated. Well done Emulsified Environmentalists!"

Over the past two years more than 30,000 students and 300 HP mentors have participated, submitting nearly 1,000 socially innovative concepts.

2012 Social Innovation Relay Finalists

From applications that locate public transportation, to providing sustainable energy and making cyclists safer – the businesses created by the 2012 Social Innovation Relay team finalists provided a creative range of solutions to improve our daily lives.

The following is the list of winning projects from the 13 participating countries:

Emulsified Environmentalists (South Africa) (Winner)
Concept: A solar-powered lamp to help bring electricity to poor people and to reduce the use of paraffin lamps, which are bad for the environment

Team Flower (China) (Runner-up)
Concept: A program that trains young volunteers to work with China’s elderly population

Egalite (Slovakia) (Runner-up)
Concept: “Kick out the difference”, an educational DVD designed to raise awareness around migration issues

Jeux Des Sets Familles (France)
Concept: Educational games to motivate students to learn by having fun.

Team Awesome (United States)
Concept: AquaGen, a turbine generator that is attached to rain gutters and uses run-off rain water to generate electricity.

Synergy (Kenya)
Concept: Daladala Tracker, a mobile application that indicates the nearest available public transport options

The Innovators (India)
Concept: A program that integrates theater in teaching to reinforce practical lessons introduced in the classroom

LOT – Leads of Teens (Romania)
Concept: E-Progress, a program that facilitates meetings between youths and those at risk of discrimination in order to raise awareness

Ideja (Russia)
Concept: Using VOIP software to connect students around the world and facilitate their study of foreign languages

Optimum (Bulgaria)
Concept: Power ship engines with hydrogen obtained through salt water processing

Alpha Enterprise (United Kingdom)
Concept: GloGos, safety product designed to enhance visibility of cyclists when indicating a change of direction in the dark

Dreamers (Egypt)
Concept: A line of products designed to make reading and learning more interesting

WW (Brazil)
Concept: A multiplier center for the installation of low-cost sustainable solar heaters in poor communities