2013’s top ten moments


HP LIFE’s 2013 top ten list

It was an action packed year for HP LIFE’s e-learning program. Here’s a glimpse of our top ten accomplishments in 2013.

1. HP LIFE becomes the first global HP Public Cloud e-learning showcase, with 22 courses covering finance, marketing, communications and operations as well as special topics on social entrepreneurship and energy efficiency.

2. HP LIFE e-Learning goes multilingual, offering courses in five languages: English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese.

3. US Agency for International Development (USAID) and United Nations Industrial Organization (UNIDO) invest in HP LIFE e-Learning, providing funding for additional content, translation and outreach.

4. HP LIFE e-Learning social entrepreneur, Bano Fatima from India awarded HP LIFE Entrepreneurship Award by Gabi Zedlmayer and musician Jake Clemons at the Global Citizen Festival in New York in front of 60K—with another 20.8 million watching on streamed broadcast.

5. Meg Whitman announces a partnership with National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) to bring HP LIFE e-Learning to the US formal education system at the Montana Jobs Summit.

6. First HP LIFE e-Learning 1:1 e-mentoring relationships take place between HP LIFE e-learning entrepreneurs and HP employees and retirees.

7. HP LIFE selected as a 2013 Computerworld Honors Laureate

8. 1.5M students in Uttar Pradesh get access to HP LIFE e-Learning as result of major business deal in India.

9. HP LIFE e-Learning Partner Toolkit available, firmly positioning this Living Progress program as a robust Open Educational Resource, making it accessible to all HP employees and key partners.

10. And last but not least, HP LIFE e-Learning achieves its internal goal of attracting one million unique visitors and 120,000+ registered users from over 200 countries in its first year!