Ila Trust

Ila Trust

HP is providing the IT infrastructure for Ila Trust's Electronic Medical Records system.

On the crowded streets of Delhi, India, doctors working with Ila Trust offer free checkups to more than 10,000 patients each month, from a truck that's been converted into a mobile medical unit. They dispense medication and supplies—such as nutritional supplements, bandages, and soap to treat skin conditions—to people who otherwise would have to go without basic medical care.

These are the doctors of Ila Trust, a

nonprofit that makes free healthcare available to the underserved in Delhi.

Through a partnership that launched in 2010, HP is providing the IT infrastructure for Ila Trust's new Electronic Medical Records system. It's a solution that will help the organization provide even better care to their patients and serves as a model for delivering health services to other at-risk populations.

Ila Trust's electronic medical records system is replacing paper-based processes that were labor intensive and difficult to manage.

The new records system will replace the existing paper-based processes which were labor intensive and difficult to manage. Accessible from the mobile units, the system will give doctors the ability to enter and retrieve patient information from the field and track health trends—like an outbreak of a communicable disease—so they can proactively treat their patients. In the future, the system may also serve as a connection to a new medical center allowing staff to monitor patients' health, treatment, and recovery.

In the coming months, as Ila Trust doctors set up their office on the street in front of the mobile medical unit and patients begin to line up, HP technology will be helping them do even more to improve the health of many of the poorest people in their community—and perhaps even save lives.