Volunteers in China

HP volunteers in China

In workshops arranged through the Women's Welfare.

In rural China, HP is making a difference in communities where many people struggle to meet basic needs. We're not only broadening access to technology but also showing people how technology can make lasting improvements in their lives. We're getting involved for the long term, opening the door to opportunities that haven't been possible until now.

The progress we're making with HP's Rural Harvest Program is a prime

example of our work. The program brings technology and training opportunities to communities in China. So far we've established 115 computer centers, where locals can go to learn PC basics from HP volunteers on hand to share their skills. As of 2010, approximately 2 million people from 31 provinces have taken advantage of the program.

Through the Rural Harvest Program, volunteers from HP help locals learn basic PC skills. Approximately 2 million people in 31 provinces have taken advantage of the program.

Creating a better life As part of the Rural Harvest Program, HP is working with University Graduate Village Officials (UGVOs) to identify where we can make the biggest impact. Selected by the government, these recent college grads are charged with applying their education and skills to support developing areas of the country.

In 2010, more than 1,000 UGVOs competed for grants in HP's Creating a Better Life Contest. They submitted ideas for how they would use information technology (IT) to improve the well-being of people in local villages. HP awarded equipment and support totaling $75,000 USD to 23 UGVOs, helping make each of their projects a reality.

One winner will assist a village in Hunan province, creating an e-commerce site where local families can sell and ship nonperishable foods. Another will develop a web platform, linking villages in Henan province so they can share policy advice, technology, and educational resources. Yet another recipient will build a PC-equipped community center where kids can video chat with their parents who work in urban areas.

Giving for the good of many HP volunteers in China have touched many lives. Approximately 1,000 volunteers contributed more than 7,000 hours in 2010. They've helped hundreds of children by volunteering in mobile classrooms in earthquake-damaged schools.

Forging new partnerships The nonprofit sector in China is evolving rapidly. To overcome the most immediate challenge most organizations face—a lack of technical expertise—HP is working with Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) to support a new partnership among the U.S.-based nonprofit Taproot Foundation, and the Chinese nonprofits Huizeren and the Narada Foundation. The goal? Harness the incredible talent in the business sector to build the capacity of emerging nonprofit organizations. By working together, we can continue to help people use the power of IT to unleash ingenuity and life-changing ideas.