Clothing store in China

Clothing store in China

In China, an entrepreneur gains a competitive edge in the retail world with IT and business training from HP LIFE.

Living in Funing County in China's Jiangsu Province, Wang Jing dreamed of leaving her low-paying job and opening a clothing store of her own. But like many aspiring entrepreneurs, the 27-year-old didn't know where to start.

Gaining valuable skills

She knew she lacked the relevant business and technical skills she'd need, so she registered for the training courses offered by the China Association for Employment Promotion (CAEP)—Funing.

Armed with HP LIFE training and a keen understanding of her target customer, Wang Jing is steadily growing her business.

Wang Jing learned to use IT to research and establish a new business. She gained valuable skills, including how to search for entrepreneurship programs, conduct market surveys, and analyze data. She now uses commercial websites such as Alibaba to find suppliers, advertise products through the Internet, and apply technical tools to financial management.

After conducting a careful market survey, Wang Jing decided to open her clothing shop in Xinggu Mart, a large shopping center in Funing County. The competition was strong—there were already many clothing shops in the huge complex. To attract girls who loved fashion, Wang Jing named her shop Post-80s Girl and searched for specific clothing styles on commercial websites.

She proudly opened her new clothing shop after many weeks of elaborate decoration and preparation. Once her store was open, Wang Jing then applied the e-commerce skills she gained from the HP LIFE training to launch an online store. She chose popular online platforms such as Taobao and Paipai for advertising and promotion aimed at young people. Because of her HP LIFE training and a keen understanding of her target customer, Wang Jing's business is growing steadily.