Disaster relief

Helping communities recover and rebuild

Of everything that's needed after a disaster, we believe the commitment to make a difference is most important.

When disaster strikes, we and our employees step up to help people, nonprofits, and governments rebuild and reenergize.

Major natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes can overwhelm communities or entire countries. Our aid and dedicated volunteers have helped people, nonprofits, and governments persevere when catastrophe strikes. We not only work to solve immediate challenges, but also support recovery efforts in the difficult weeks, months, and years that follow.

To bring relief to people around the world, our employees, company, and nonprofit
Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation dig deep to contribute services and skills, along with financial support and technology. We make the most of our resources by working with international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), including Save the Children, the American Red Cross.

In 2013, we, our employees, and the Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation donated more than $1.9 million of money and equipment in response to natural disasters in partnership with organizations such as Save the Children and the American Red Cross. Cash and product contributions were donated towards the China earthquake, India flooding, Cyclone Phailin, Typhoon Utor, Trami and Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, and others.

On the ground and behind the scenes, we rise to the enormous challenges that follow natural disasters. With our expertise, global reach, committed people, and technology, we help communities make huge strides toward recovery.