Living example: eHealth Centers

eHealth Center

eHealth Centers leverage cloud-based IT and data-sharing systems to deliver 21st century healthcare services and medical diagnostics to people in remote, resource-poor locations.


  • 75% of India’s healthcare infrastructure and resources are concentrated in urban populations where only 27% of the population lives.
  • 89% of rural Indian patients travel more than 8 km to access basic medical services, and the rest travel even farther.
  • Existing health clinics often lack high-quality medical care.


  • Provide 21st century healthcare services to patients in rural India by utilizing HP’s innovative technologies and solutions to create access for remote locations.


  • In partnership with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and other public, private, and nonprofit organizations, eHealth Centers provide quality healthcare services to people in remote, resource-poor locations in India.
  • Used shipping containers transform into cloud-enabled mobile clinics that integrate HP technology solutions, including HP workstations, software, and networking.
  • The first five eHealth Centers in India have received more than 35,000 patient visits.


Human Progress:   Provides access to high-quality medical care to rural India, where people lack access to such provisions—enabling early intervention and treatment of common health problems without traveling great distances.

Economic Progress:   Healthier people lead more productive lives, participate in their local and global economies, and develop innovative ideas to help address community problems.