eHealth Center

eHealth Center

More than 4,000 patients were served in the first eHealth Centre in the first 100 days.

Obtaining access to basic healthcare facilities in remote areas of India can be extremely difficult due to a lack of medical resources, electricity and connectivity. But a solution is at hand.

Powerful cloud-enabled solution

Together HP and the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) in India, one of the world’s foremost scientific and industrial research organizations, have developed the eHealth Center (eHC).

The eHC is a powerful, cloud-enabled, healthcare solution housed in a standard shipping container which can be quickly transported to remote areas of the country by air, rail or land.

Each eHC is equipped with cloud-integrated diagnostic equipment, and a telemedicine studio, laboratory and pharmacy. Paramedics who staff the eHC have access to expert medical advice provided through remote consultation using built-in videoconferencing tools. This is an enormous benefit for isolated locations with no access to skilled doctors.

The eHC Health Cloud also integrates the process of healthcare delivery and health data collection. Comprehensive patient data including demographics, medical history and diagnostics is collected, which can be further used for research purposes. Automated health data is uploaded directly from diagnostic equipment. The eHC’s centralized patient information sets the platform for data-driven research such as disease surveillance by tracking disease patterns and risk factors.

More than 4,000 patient visits were recorded in the first 100 days of operation.
Delving deep into HP skills

“As responsible corporate citizens we wanted to make a difference to the availability of healthcare to the people and communities around us,” explains Jaijit Bhattacharya, HP Director South Asia, Government Relations. “Realizing that there are many places where healthcare isn’t readily available, we collaborated with CSIR, a Government of India laboratory, to figure out how IT can make a difference -- which led to the unique concept of the eHealth centre.

“In addition, we also delved deep into the other skills that HP has and we realized that data analytics and big data analysis could also bring huge value to healthcare. Using big data analysis has enabled us to gather important information about disease patterns which we have reported back to government healthcare policy-makers. Already these insights are starting to make a huge difference by helping to uncover healthcare issues in local communities --enabling the government to provide preventive healthcare.”

More than 4,000 patients served in first 100 days

The first eHC has been piloted in Chausala, a village of about 10,000 people, located in the state of Maharashtra. There has been heavy usage not only from the village but also from neighboring villages and more than 4,000 patient visits were recorded in the first 100 days of operation.

The eHealth Centre has grown from strength to strength, achieving wide recognition and strong support on a global stage. It was recently:

  • Named a 2013 Computerworld Honors Laureate, which honors visionary applications of information technology.
  • Selected as a finalist in the Technology for Health category for GBC Health Award
  • Recognized as a “Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practice” at the World CSR event
  • Won an India National Award for IT in Healthcare.